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Who is YK Osiris? The Florida singer breaking in the new era of R&B

When you think of artists coming out of Florida, most people normally think of hip-hop. YK Osiris is an R&B singer from Jacksonville who’s slowly changing that and making a name for himself in the process. Not to mention, he’s only 18-years-old.

He is completely turning the music game on its head with his unique R&B vibes, mixing up old school with the new, at a time where rap is the most popular genre.

His name Osiris originates from a Greek god meaning powerful, smart, intelligent, strength and knowledge. With one brother and six sisters, you already know he wants to put on for his family.

The Jacksonville rapper always had a deep love for music when he young and started taking it seriously when he realized he had a special talent.

His inspirations growing up include Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars and The Temptations, which you can all hear a little bit of every time he steps into the studio.

His melodic singing over R&B tracks has been getting him a lot of attention from record labels and artists alike.

A lot of hot artists have been coming out of Florida lately, like XXXTentatcion and Kodak Black, but YK Osiris sets himself apart with his true singing talent talking heartbreak and love, completely setting himself apart from the new rappers in Florida.

YK wants to be as versatile as possible and doesn’t want to be classified as a rapper or a singer just yet as he wants to keep his options open.

Coming from the city of Jacksonville, YK admits that it isn’t always easy to get the love and support from his own hometown people. The R&B artist states that,

“I don’t feel safe in Jacksonville, I am target but I am going to be moving to LA soon though”.

Despite being an easy target due to his newfound fame and success, he’s stayed focused on his music grind and it’s been paying off.

His hit song “Valentine,” which has gotten over one million views on YouTube, is about him falling in love very quickly and unfortunately, he got his heart broken by the girl he was seeing at the time.

After the split, he was in the studio at the time and a producer that he was working with sent him a beat and he was feeling it so he just wrote the song right then and there and put it out.

He spoke to Genius about the real-life situation and how he flipped it immediately into a hit track.

Not long after, labels were itching to sign him and the Jacksonville artist ended up signing to Def Jam. Lil Uzi even hit him up for the remix.

YK Osiris is now completely focused on music and working on his album but he is taking his time because he’s a true artist who really cares about his craft. This man stays in the studio and his hard work is paying off!

It’s safe to say that he has his work cut out for him but he knows where he wants to go and we can’t wait to see what he does next.