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Who is YBN Nahmir? The Alabama rapper who got his start freestyling on Xbox Live

YBN Nahmir is a casual gamer turned up and coming rapper who is taking the music world by storm with his bars but he only recently started rapping.

When he was younger, YBN Nahmir got his start rapping not on SoundCloud but freestyling off the top in Xbox Live parties and slowly but surely he started to make a name for himself through GTA.

From there, he started to take his music more seriously, posting tracks on SoundCloud where he has over 50 tracks. But it was not until the release of “Rubbin Off The Paint”, dropping September, that saw Nahmir really exploded on the scene.

The song currently has 65 million views and counting on YouTube. The song brings its own unique, catchy upbeat sound into the world of hip-hop and you can actually hear what Nahmir is saying in his bars.”

“Rubbin Off The Paint” is completely different from anything out right now and that has made it a hit. Nahmir isn’t trying to sound like anyone else, he’s just doing him and it’s catapulting him to the top the charts.

The song has garnered him the spotlight and many cosigns from successful artists in the world of music such as Chris Brown, PNB Rock, and Vince Staples.

YBN Nahmir hails from Birmingham, Alabama and unlike what people think, the city is actually not a backwater town that’s surrounded by farmland.

It is actually a vibrant city that has yet to have its story told due to the lack of rappers coming out of the city and the fact that most that become popular artists were killed or they are currently serving time.

Unlike the rest of the rappers in Birmingham, Alabama, YBN Namir wants to complete high school and motivate those around and he’s not afraid to do it all by himself. In an interview with No Jumper, Nahmir said: 

“I’m not the type of person to chase a nigga around just to do a song with them. I let people hit me in the dm’s I don’t dm people first.”

The fact that he can make this self-assured statement in an interview shows that he has a large amount of confidence in his ability and eventually take over the game and put Birmingham on the map. He’s doing extremely well for someone who just turned 18 years old and only recently started getting serious about being in the rap game.

And he’s not only representing himself he’s trying to let the people that held it down before the fame come up with him. He reps his crew YBN, which consists of YBN Nahmir, YBN Almighty Jay, and a whole crew of up and comers.

YBN Almighty Jay is already starting to develop a name for himself as well with his new hit “Chopsticks“, which has garnered around 5 million views on YouTube. It’s also a catchy upbeat song that has a little bounce to it.

But don’t let the sound and baby faces fool you, YBN Nahmir and YBN Almighty Jay are indeed about that action, they’re definitely out here toting a large amount of guns in their videos like it’s nothing. They’re clearly showing that if anyone wants smoke they can get it at anytime.

Fantasy Rough 🍊

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Keep an eye out for YBN Nahmir and his crew. These dudes might just put Birmingham on the map.