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Who is Sprado? The ‘Magic’ rapper ready to take 2021 by storm

Sprado is seemingly establishing himself as an artist to watch out for.

Having already collaborated with Jeremih on his song, “American Dream,” the Chicago-based musician goes to prove that hard work pays off in the long run.

Subsequently, the talent speaks for itself and has gotten a thumbs up by multi-platinum producer Hitmaka and rapper O.T. Genesis, to name a few.

At a lyrical standpoint, Sprado makes good use of his bragging rights, shedding light on his accomplishments and the work he put in to get to where he is today.

Additionally, Sprado opens up to fans about what he’s seen and heard, all while thanking the man upstairs for everything. Not to mention, he encourages others to be their most authentic selves and to follow their dreams. 

Sprado said during an interview with Hype Off Life

“I want the end of 2020 to be like, ‘We see Sprado. He’s blowing up. He’s doing his thing. The city loves him, and everybody is picking up on him.’ By the time 2021 comes, I want to be a household name, established, and people know who Sprado is.”

Sonically, Sprado keeps an array of cadences up his sleeve. Regardless of the soundscape, he’ll go for a melodic approach or throw out some swaggy rhymes. 

“I try to let my mind go wherever the beat takes me. Let my mind freely flow on top of the beat I choose.”

Sprado continues with Hype Off Life contributor, Keish Monique.

His musical journey begins as early as 2017. Sprado left a notebook full of lyrics at home, which his father came across.

After further analyzing his bars, Sprado’s father told him that he has the power to be the greatest of all time. It also helped that music became Sprado’s safe haven, following some trying situations in his life.

Rather than being boxed in, the “They Know” rapper aims to use his artistry for positive change. In the span of his career, he’s caught the eyes of XXL, Lyrical Lemonade, Revolt TV, and more.

More recently, Sprado teamed up with 2020 XXL Freshman, NLE Choppa, for his song, “Magic.” Between lyrics, the two rappers wonder if their significant others are ride-or-dies. Elsewhere, both Sprado and NLE Choppa do a humble flex, speaking about their exclusive drip, foreign whips, and ice. 

During Sprado’s verse, he uses a soft auto-croon to boast about his excellence while reminiscing about the “days I had nothin’ to lose.” As the song continues, he speaks about those who once doubted him and are suddenly supporters.

Double back when they see me improve/But I never cared ’bout approval/Yeah, yeah (Yeah, yeah) /Ain’t no talkin’, but we ’bout that action/Talkin’ friendship, but we talkin’ faction,” he spits.

Before the infectious chorus makes its way back, Sprado details his resilience to become successful.

Matching Sprado’s energy, NLE Choppa goes in about a soulmate that has him “reminiscing ’bout the shit that we had did.” Although he and his lover had a few rough patches in their relationship, NLE Choppa finds himself still captivated by her.

Ayy, are you for me?/ I’m mad when I’m with you, I’m coolin’ without you, so I’m ignoring/Catch you with that nigga, I’ll post at your house and knock the door in,” he raps in a singsong flow.

As the chorus makes way once more, NLE Choppa takes a moment to forewarn shit talkers, saying his chopper is as big as Kevin Hart. Surprisingly, NLE Choppa opts for a softer tone instead of an aggressive one. Usually, NLE Choppa carries a cadence that’s in-your-face rather than cool and collected.

The ethereal hip-hop offering is led by a flute arpeggio and a booming bassline. 

“It was a feel-good vibe when I made “Magic.” I had just dropped my EP, Bases Loaded and was excited, so I just got in the booth and made the song,” says Sprado. “Once my team heard it, we all just got more excited, and they were saying, ‘Oh man, you just dropped a project and you’re following up with this?’ It was just good energy and good vibes in the creative process. With the collaboration, my team and Choppa’s team linked up, we talked about the record, talked about Choppa hopping on the record and it came together.”

The visual for “Magic” is directed by WaterWippinEvan. Using a kaleidoscopic lens and other cool camera effects, “Magic” sees Sprado riding through the city in a drop-top.

Additionally, the music video gets shots of a beautiful woman modeling in a red-tinted room, Sprado showcasing his bars while standing in front of a graffiti wall, and NLE Choppa rapping as he dons a black turtleneck and some bling. 

Watch the visual for Sprado & NLE Choppa’s song “Magic” below: