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We’ve got Stockholm Syndrome too! A look into A$AP Rocky’s new doc

Have you seen A$AP Rocky’s new doc Stockholm Syndrome?

A$AP Rocky cannot be stopped – he can only hope to be contained. Then again, after his most recent stint in Stockholm, Sweden it is safe to say he never wishes for confinement again.

Within his genre, he continues to push extraterrestrial experimentation to the forefront. Not just solely within his genre, this man exists within multiple realms and serves as a prime example to the power of stepping outside of your comfort zone.

“Sometimes when you do shxt thats just out of peoples comprehension or what they used to in an unorthodox way they doubt you”

Rakim Mayers

Stockholm Syndrome highlights visionary pioneers all across the board

First off, the Stockholm Syndrome Tribeca Film Festival production shot by the Architects scorched the Earth. The Architects exist as an anonymous collective of filmmakers. 

yams day
Rocky sets the trend whenever he steps out (via Autocareview)

This film clearly delineates the occurrences that took place prior to a street fight in Sweden. Following provocation, harassment and continual stalking – the bodyguard, photographer and Rocky threw a man to the ground – punching and kicking him. When they were arrested and questioned, the Swedish government already had preconceived intentions. 

Slobodan Jovicic, ESQ held it down

Rakim Mayers spent his unjust time in Kronoberg Remand Prison to reflect and truly look inward. His top legal team argued in violation of Article 36 of the Vienna Convention and eventually won freedom.

It is important to note that Sweden as a country would have been forced to recoup tour earnings (upwards of $9M dollars) if Rocky had been acquitted (faced nearly six years).

It was tricky considering the fact that Sweden has no bail system, no plea bargain possibility and no warrant system. Rocky needed two out of four votes to acquit and he successfully achieved that. 

testing a$ap rocky
A$AP has never cared about what others think or say (via Autocareview)

This film was extremely well-executed on all accounts. The transitions, camera rotational effects and overall synchrony through experimentation and ornamentation were impressive. Stockholm Syndrome broke down the layers of this character we know as A$AP Rocky and truly humanized him.

Rocky is unapologetically himself 

Rocky zigs when others zag. He is unafraid to try all kinds of outlandish endeavors as long as it is consistent with his brand and yields new affordances. Rakim attributes this entirely to the late A$AP Yams – a man who provided brazen confidence and pushed boundaries at all times. 

This production was extremely visceral, vivid, and impactful. It goes to show that creatives of color are an endangered species and we must do anything and everything to protect them at all times.

a$ap rocky doc
A strange human (via Audiomack)

If you haven’t seen A$AP Rocky’s Stockholm Syndrome yet ask one of your friends they might still have a screener… Otherwise you sick.