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Want to flaunt your NFT art collection? Here are 10 ways to flex

Collectors and galleries are ramping up their NFT art collections. And with the popularity of NFTs, artists are also moving into the space at a breakneck speed.

Galleries in particular, who understandably may have been skittish about digital art, are playing a bit of catch up as things in the space have been moving quickly.

Platforms are seeing exponential growth in the number of signups and works placed for sale. One interesting trend has been the rise of the artist-collector.

The sense of community in the NFT space is a wonderful development that has led to artists using a portion of their funds to support each other by buying and collecting each other’s art. 

The industry has also seen auctions by Sotheby’s and Christie’s as well as falling crypto prices that may lower the barrier to entry for new collectors.

But as the collector base increases, the question of displaying crypto and digital art is being brought to the forefront.  Indeed, it is one of the first questions I am asked when discussing NFTs with curious newbies.

While there are platforms that exist to showcase your NFT collection online, we at The BlkChain have done some digging to provide a resource for aspiring and existing collectors who want to show off their NFT art.

Here’s what we found. Find more ways to amplify your NFT art collection by going to BLK Chain (Click Here)

Online NFT art galleries

1. Showtime 

Showtime is a web-based platform that bills itself as Instagram for NFTs. Sign up, connect your wallet, and Showtime will find works associated with your wallet and display them on your very own page. 

The platform recently added the ability to like, follow and comment on works of others, as well as a Facebook-like cover photo feature. Users can discover new artists and can see trending works as well.

2. OnCyber 

This slick virtual online gallery allows users to choose the setting of their choice from 3 available, to display works registered to their wallet on the blockchain.

Once your art is displayed, you can arrange them within the space and share the link with others to peruse at their leisure. The site creates a virtual gallery featuring your very own collections of NFTs and allows users to move about at will in the space. Works well on mobile, too.

3. ThisisAito 

Prolific collector and one of the best-known names in NFTs recently launched their very own NFT gallery platform. Sign up is like the others, as simple as connecting your wallet and showing off pieces that you own.

Given Aito’s reputation as a collector, the site has seen creators flock to the site in hopes that it will get them noticed. But the interface is simple and easy to use. Recently, the site has added a curation feature that allows users to curate works they do not own. 

4. Flawnt 

Currently, in Alpha, this online showcase behaves like the others and displays pretty much anything associated with the selected address, including ENS names.

Users can choose to sort or hide specific assets on their page. As of this writing, the platform was a bit buggy so I’m guessing that they are still working out some kinks and will roll out features incrementally.


Brought to you by colorful Mavericks owner and investor Mark Cuban, the site is pretty bare but has evolved over the past few weeks.

Lazy allows you to show off your NFTs and apparently acts as a marketplace, though you’ll have to click-through to OpenSea to make purchases it appears. The items in your wallet will sit on a stark white page with buttons that allow you to pin or sell.

Physical Frames for your most loved NFTs

In addition to the web-based platforms, there is also a new crop of physical frames that collectors and galleries are using to display NFT and crypto art. Remember the frames from a few years ago that would sit on your desk and cycle through your family photos?

Well, these aren’t that, but the idea is similar. These are aesthetically gorgeous pieces of hardware and custom software that allow collectors and galleries to display hi-resolution work in their home, business, or gallery.

1. Qonos 

Targeted specifically toward collectors, the Qonos bills itself as the world’s first custom digital frame and platform for NFT art collectors. The digital frame comes in two sizes; a 24-inch and a 17.4-inch.

The larger frame will run you a cool $1499 and the smaller 17.4 inches comes in at just under $1000. Owners of the frame will have access to over $500m worth of NFTs and the first batch, which were released in March of this year, sold out in 24 hours.

Find more ways to amplify your NFT art collection by going to BLK Chain (Click Here)