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Tyler, the Creator says we can’t name 5 black cartoon characters. Here they are boi.

At San Diego Comic-Con, Tyler, the Creator promoted his animated series The Jellies.

During a Q&A, someone asked why the main character, Cornell Jelly became black after being white during the first season. Tyler replied,

“’Why you make him black?’ Why can’t niggas have anything, man?… How many fuckin’ black cartoon characters is it on TV right now? Name five. I’ll give you time. It is none… We don’t got shit.”

Well Tyler, you’re actually quite incorrect. There are many cartoons with more than 5 black characters like the Boondocks.

Since you don’t believe that we can name 5 black cartoon characters, I’ve got you right now bro.

Steven from Steven Universe

Steven Universe GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Steven Universe is one of the best shows on Cartoon Network right now. The story centers around Steven, a boy with a magical gem placed where his naval should be.

He has companions called the Crystal Gems, who fight to protect the world from evil gem creatures.

The story follows Steven as he goes on adventures with the Crystal Gems and learns more about himself as well as the duties of a Crystal Gem.

Cyborg from Teen Titans Go

I do not in any way, shape, or form like the new Teen Titans Go series. I grew up on the original Teen Titans and this felt like a major bullet to the franchise.

However, Cyborg has always provided light-hearted comedy and boasts an IQ of 170.

Born to scientists, he was experimented on at a young age. After a freak accident his father, attempting to save his son’s life, experimented on his son using a cyborg suit meant for soldiers blown to bits from war.

Victor was shunned by society until he got the invite from Raven to join the Teen Titans.

Cyborg uses his intelligence, as well as his skill with machinery, to aid the Titans in their fight against evil.

Kiawe from Pokemon

Pokemon has had its fair share of black characters such as Brock, Archie, and Iris. Kiawe is part of the new season of Pokemon based out of brand new Alola region.

He’s the oldest in the class as well as the voice of reason for the group. Kiawe works on his parents’ ranch and uses his Charizard to help deliver supplies and other goods across the Alola region.

He’s also a skilled Pokemon trainer, boasting the likes of Turtonator and Alolan Marowak.

Jerome from Family Guy

Jerome from Family Guy was brought into the series after Cleveland left Quahog to go back to his childhood home in Virginia.

He is Lois’ ex boyfriend and they dated 20 years before Lois married Peter. Jerome appears after Peter accidentally burns down Jerome’s house and needs a place to stay.

Lois invites him to stay with them. He ends up accidentally killing Horace during a baseball game after the ball Jerome hits ends up striking Horace in the face.

He apologizes after killing Horace and becomes the owner of the Drunken Clam once run by Horace.

21 Savage from The Year 2100

21 Savage has a mini cartoon series and it is hilarious. It may not be a conventional cartoon series like the others above but it is an animated cartoon starring 21.

21 burst on to the scene with hits like “X,” “No Heart,” and “No Advance.”

He recently released this cartoon series with WeBuyGold and it chronicles the saga of a villainous 21 Savage trying to retake the world over with his music.

It also gives a glimpse into criticism 21 received for not dropping any music for awhile after his Savage Mode Project.

21 recently released a banger in Issa Album and surely enough “Bank Account” off the album debuted at number 33 on the Billboard Hot 100.

“Bank Account” was 21’s highest charting single. Go on Young Savage…