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Tyler the Creator and ScHoolboy Q can’t stop roasting each other

With the speed we get our news at, social media jokes can elevate to headline-generating “beef” within minutes.

Just a simple joke can turn Twitter into a children’s playground where petty shots are flying left and right.

I mean, I guess a fight over the internet is better than in real life but they’re still dumb.

Twitter is now losing it over ScHoolboy Q and Tyler, the Creator over Tyler’s “Who Dat Boy.” But here’s why they’re trippin.

It all started after Twitter user @_Hodges_ tweeted SchoolboyQ:

Which lead to @ScHoolboyQ responding with this:

Once Tyler saw this he absolutely destroyed ScHoolboy Q:

People were left unsure whether they were serious or not but let’s be real both of these dudes are known for trolling.

This isn’t even their first “beef” just peep this…

A friendly hello

Q went straight to his attacking his momma, damn

Tyler really want Q to moisturize

Q had the lotion on deck

“Like a Virgin buying condoms” now thats a classic

He really dragged Wayne into this


These dudes are constantly playing with each other. They’re friends so there isn’t any real beef between them.

If you’re still unconvinced, here’s a video of Q hanging out with Rocky and Tyler.