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Twitter voice notes gives us more freedom of expression than ever

Twitter has recently released voice notes with the latest app update to some users.

People are all for it because sometimes typing out 280 characters is not enough for us twitter users who want to put our own twist to our tweets.

Using your voice to tweet instead of typing is exactly as it sounds, which adds a personal touch to the messages we send out.  So for those of us who don’t have the feature yet, here’s the rundown on it. 

How to use the VN feature

In order to use the Twitter voice note, click on the twitter composer app and tap on the icon that shows different wavelengths. By pressing the icon, you’ll be able to record your voice once you hit the record button. 

Each twitter voice note lasts for about 140 seconds but of course, our stories must go on for more than just a little over a minute. If you happen to use up all the allotted time on a voice note, don’t worry. The Twitter app will automatically open up another voice note until you are finished.

After you’ve finished composing your tweet, tap the “Done” Button where it will send you back to your composition to finish sending your tweet. 

The limitations

You are only able to use voice notes for the original tweet. Sadly, you can not use this feature to respond to people or retweet them with a comment. 

Before you get too excited about this new update, this new twitter feature is currently only available to certain groups on twitter however as the following weeks go by, hopefully, more and more people will be able to use it.

It is also currently unavailable for those with androids but this will soon change as these features build up traction. 

How have lucky VN users reacted?

In fact, celebrities such as Lil Nas X have been able to take full advantage of using voice notes. 

Many other people have voiced their opinion about this great new way to express themselves. Even though they may not have the feature yet, people were ready to use it for only the best purposes.

Others felt that people’s intentions with the voice notes feature were the very reason why the app should not allow it.

Whatever you decide to use the new voice notes feature for, we can’t wait to see what Twitter brings to us next to expand our creativity.