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The sex robots are coming: New docuseries shows what that digital mouth do

Are you trying to figure out how you can fuck a robot? Well, your dreams have finally just come true.

Sex robot enthusiasts are looking to tell all in a brand new TV documentary.

The Sex Robots Are Coming,  follows the digital sex trend over the course of two years as they search for the answers in creating a fully functioning animatronic, AI enabled silicone sexbot.

The C4 documentary which is part of a larger series called Rise of the Robots follows Realbotix which has been killing the digital sex game for some time now.

At the center of the sex robot craze the company is no stranger to artificial labia, silicone nipples, plastic pubic hairs and “lubrication and heating systems.”

Matt McMullen, the CEO and creative director of Realbotix, feels as if sex robots are “as commonplace as porn.”

To go along with Realbotix viewers will also dive into the life of James, a creepy 58-year-old man who pipes his sex dolls around four times a week. Homie is bussin’ robot nuts like it’s going out of style!

So you can imagine how hype he is to know that humans have created a brain to go along with his lifeless dolls. FUCKING SUS!

To prove his creepy hypeness, James is saving up for a $9,500 robot sex doll named Harmony which can shwapp him, smile, orgasm, and talk to him.

Of course, there are opposers of the sex robot craze in the doc who feel like this is extremely hot-boy. One lady in the trailer feels like the sloppy toppy bots encourage misogyny.

Others feel like it’s damaging to what women are and reduces them to body parts that can be modified. To be honest it’s just creepy. Plus, who’s to say that these sexbots won’t rip your meat off?

What if you get stuck inside mid-stroke? How do you explain that to your kids? Like, this is Harmony and I fuck a robot?!

What if your kid decides to lay pipe with all his boys? Too risky. I think we should stick to the beautiful real women we have roaming the planet. The game of love is too fun to lose it all to Toppy Bot 3.0.

Anyway, check out the trailer for yourself below The Sex Robots Are Coming premiers Thursday, November 30, at 10 pm on Channel 4.