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The NFL’s struggle with COVID-19: Where does the league stand now?

The NFL’s battle with COVID-19 over the past couple of weeks has led to multiple games being postponed. Several teams have had outbreaks, including notable Patriots players like Cam Newton and Stephon Gilmore. 

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell acknowledged that the season will probably have to be extended due to all of the cancellations. He has said that the NFL will be flexible in its scheduling since this is a season like no other. 

First signs of trouble

The Tennessee Titans had the first major outbreak and went two weeks without playing a game. At one point the team had 15 members of the team including staff and players, test positive. That is, in most certain terms, a COVID outbreak among the organization.

There were reports that the Titans had not been wearing masks as protocol had called for. An NFL COVID outbreak loomed large.

But luckily, the team has not had any positive tests since. 

Other teams have also had outbreaks within their team facilities. It has led to cancelled practices and games. 

The Atlanta Falcons also closed their facility after they had someone test positive. The Eagles added Matt Pryor to the COVID-19 list on Friday. The Jacksonville Jaguars placed 75 percent of their practice squad on the COVID-19 list as well. 

Cases continue

The Baltimore Ravens placed Brandon Williams on the COVID-19 list. A Denver Broncos coach tested positive and didn’t travel with the team for their game on Sunday.  The Patriots have had one of the bigger NFL COVID outbreaks. They have had to cancel multiple practices. 

The Philadelphia Eagles’ Darius Slay said earlier this week that the NFL shouldn’t have had a season. 

Dr. Allen Sills, the NFL’s Chief Medical Officer, says that there have been about 100 positive cases that included players, coaches and team personnel to this point. 

The NFL has also cancelled their version of an All-Star game, The Pro Bowl, for this season due to COVID-19 concerns. 

Where does the league stand?

This past Sunday was the first time in weeks where all games on the schedule were played. However, positive tests keep on coming in and the NFL is putting all of its players and team personnel at risk with every game played. 

At least nine teams are allowing fans to come and watch the game in person. It is dangerous for everyone involved, especially when the NFL has struggled to keep the COVID outbreak under control. 

It’s clear at this point that the NFL will continue to put players and personnel at risk if it means that games will be played, and revenue increased.