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The ‘NBA Face Merge’ Instagram account might be a little too wild

Ever since Snapchat added face swap, it’s become on of the most-used features on the app. It’s pretty hilarious…

That concept has been around forever though, but was probably too hard for the casual internet user. These face swaps can lead to hilarious pictures or something straight outta hell.

Recently O’Shea Jackson Jr., Ice Cube’s son, shared by far one of the funnies NBA meme pages.¬†@nbafacemerge takes some of your favorite NBA players and mashes their face together in a way that’s just too funny.

Players past and present are not safe from this page, you will get your face merged. They’ve been creating hilarious face swaps since back in 2015.

Sadly their last real post was in early 2016 but in February they posted this.

A post shared by NBA Face Merge (@nbafacemerge) on

It looks like these new rookies might have more to fight against more than just massive expectations.

The Ball family definitely needs a good swap especially LaVar Ball who loves talking crazy.

I can see it now, LaVar and Lonzo… oh man

While we wait for that to happen look at what they’ve done so far.

Oh man this is awkward

They really got the Rick Ross look

Kobe and MJ is a must

The splash bros have become one

One man team right here

Here’s a real duo that’s ending well


Looking like the alien emoji

Lakers legends finally united

LeBron to the Knicks?