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Terra Virtua reflects fair value within the NFT space

As is the case with anything, judgment is never proper protocol when it comes to NFT observation. Rather than make dismissive commentary based upon preconceived digital notions, we decided to delve deeper into the platform Terra Virtua.

Terra Virtua is the world’s first fully immersive digital collectibles platform. Using blockchain technology, the company allows digital asset collectors to display and interact with their virtual goods in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and in 3D on PCs.

nft observation
The Br8ve is an artwork commissioned by early anonymous crypto OG, who revealed that Satoshi Nakamoto is eight different experts in their fields. (Terra Virtua)

Terra Virtua

The company utilizes 8K hospital-grade resolution VR technology from the likes of Satoshi Nakamoto. Through observation, Satoshi’s NFT, ‘The Br8ve’ is one of the first fully functional NFT’s that incorporates airplane grade visual resolution via headset, controllers, and laptop. 

Terra Virtua had to make many adjustments to its website prior to becoming the powerhouse that it is today. Here are a few features it has improved and installed on its website.

  • Instituted queue system to ensure fair purchase process 
  • New purchases can generate new use cases
  • Intermixed functionality with OINDAO platform provides stablecoin synergy
  • Consistent blockchain restructuring

Basically, the company sells minimalistic collectibles that represent the immersive qualities of VR, AR, and 3-D. Some of their items have high resale value like the Gen 2 Vflects.

A really neat feature about the company is that you can purchase an NFT on its site but transfer it elsewhere. TV’s functional transfer features yield inventory on external marketplaces. 

nft observation
VFlects fly off the shelves for $30 or less while reselling at nearly $500 sometimes (Miro.Medium)

How does the system flow?

Terra Virtua has a functional ETH user base UX that has a similar system flow for FIAT users.

It has installed a logic layer for open transfers and allowed for FIAT and ETH users to experience a simultaneous use case. In turn, the system tracks the external user validation runtime record.

How else does the system perform regulatory self-maintenance?

The interoperable metamask sorts display filters, server side integrations and performs consistent platform enhancements. 

Here are two of the most rare finds we scoured for on the Terra Virtua platform:

What can we expect from companies like this in the future?

As a community, Terra Virtua has been adamant about ending all “rug pulls.” A rug pull is an exit scam by which the developers abandon a project and run off with investor funds.

The company is committed to uprooting these devious acts and solving metadata issues as well. 

terra virtua
What NFT consumers will see before their Terra Virtua NFT becomes available (Terra Virtua)

Terra Virtua has a very modern and refreshing platform that they have developed. Their company also has perks such as a colossal digital fan cave, terra dome, prestige club, and other interesting offerings. Head on over to the platform to see what it’s all about!