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Weed Stems

5 ways the super stoner can recycle their weed stems

To most people, weed stems are the expendable part of the smoking experience. In a way, they’re like the cardboard boxes Nintendo games came in back in the day.

Well, just like those boxes, you’ll want to hold on to those stems, as they’re more valuable than you think. Today, we’re counting down the ways you can put those stems to good use.

Must be 21 and older to read this.

Get your keif game up

It’s the OG reward system.

Well, it works with flowers AND stems! Getting keif from stems takes a bit more patience and a bit less force, though. To get it, put your crushed stems in a resealable plastic bag and place them in the freezer.

You’ll want a decent stockpile of them. Then, when they’re all comfortably frozen, shake the bag and notice the keef crystals fall off!

Certainly beats smoking the stems.

Recycle weed stems into your fave edible recipe

With the THC in your stems, they will work as well in edibles. You will need enough stems to fill a saucepan to make your cannabutter, but can be added with solid bud.

A purely stem-based cannabutter won’t be as potent as buds of course, but it’s all good, man. No one said you have to do it their way.

Do you even smoke hash bro?

Good news for all you growers and super stoners alike.

To extract hash, rub the stems between your hands over a container. Then, with your hands coated in the material, rub them together again to get as much of it as you can in the container.

On one go, you won’t get much. If you build your pile, though, you may just love the result. Patience, friends…

A new kind of wavvy

Hipsters are gonna blow their tops over this one… but yes, you can a cross-fade cocktail.

With any alcohol 40 percent or higher, place your stems in a mason jar with your booze of choice.  It will take about a week to dissolve the cannabis in your drink, but the result…OOOF!

For stronger effects, let it sit for several months.

Pull up and sip your tea

I write this last bit as I sip some homemade stem tea. This is likely the easiest and most immediate way to go on this list. You will need about two grams of stems crushed up, a bit of butter (or coconut butter for you vegans), and boiling water.

After pouring the water, add a bit of your fat of choice. This is so the THC bonds with it. Let the tea simmer for about 30 minutes, allowing time for the potency to kick.

Then, drink away! Now, go forth and spread the vibes, my friends.