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Don’t get scammed: How to spot an OG Jordan jersey in a sea of fakes

We all want to be like Mike. Why else would Jordans fly off the shelves as soon as they go up?

With Netflix’s The Last Dance reminding us all why Michael Jordan and the ’90s Chicago Bulls are the GOAT, people want the merch. MJ was the most popular NBA jersey for years, so millions were made and sold. Because of that, millions were also faked.

Today, I’ll be telling you how to find a true Jordan jersey.

Always check the price… you get what you pay for

The price point should be your first warning. eBay is fantastic for finding deals and rarities, but it houses countless fakes, some of which are very well done.

You can inspect the fine details on the stitching but can save yourself time by looking at the price tag. If it costs less than $100, that shit is FAKE. When you think you’ve found a good deal, ask yourself: would you let an OG Jordan jersey go for less than 100?

Online, you’ll find ads for a new jersey, sometimes with tags, from $40-$80. Beware of these. They may use a picture of the real thing, but you get what you pay for.

Legitimately priced jerseys, OG to new, will run you from $100 on the very low end to about $300.

Authentic Jersey Chicago Bulls 1987-88 Michael JordanAuthentic Jersey Chicago Bulls Home 1997-98 Michael Jordan

If you’re looking for a new-made jersey, Mitchell & Ness sells them for $300 each.

Beware of people selling these Mitchell & Ness jerseys for cheaper though, especially if it has tags. The fakes are very realistic and easily pass as real online to the untrained eye.

Location, location, location

Where you find the jersey is about as important as looking at the price. eBay can be a gamble. The best way to know you’re buying a legit item is to go to the source. The NBA website, Mitchell & Ness, and Dick’s Sporting Goods sites will all carry official items.

Not trying to spend $300 on a jersey? No problem! If you’re cool with buying used but still good jerseys, a reputable jersey dealer is a must. Instagram pages like @90snbastuff, @the_jersey_guys, and @ameri_camden sell used and vintage jerseys.


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Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls, 1984/1985 Home Jersey. šŸ€ Size M (Medium) 22ā€ Pit-to-pit, 32ā€ Neck-to-hem. šŸ€ Ā£100 + Shipping. **Offers Welcome**. šŸ€ An iconic and rare item from the most popular NBA Player of all time, a throwback jersey from MJā€™s incredible Rookie 1984/85 season with the Chicago Bulls. Where he made an immediate impact on the NBA and garnered Rookie of the year Honors as well as a starting spot in the NBA All-Star Game (the freeze-out one!). From when Jordan wore two gold chains and his first ever pair Jā€™s went on sale. A Nike jersey in mint condition. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ #American #Sportswear #NBA #BasketballJersey #VintageJersey #RetroJersey #Throwbackjersey #MJ #AirJordan #ChicagoBulls #Bulls #Festival #Summer #MJMondays #Basketball #šŸ€ #Champion #ChampionJersey #Kobe #Lebron #MichaelJordan #Jordan #Chicago #Thrift #Retro #Vintage #90s

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These dealers offer fantastic true vintage jerseys. There is no question that when you buy from a reputable jersey dealer, you’re getting the real thing. These guys know their stuff and are willing to negotiate.

The finer details

For those inspector types out there, there are ways to check the legitimacy of a jersey.

One may need a supremely trained eye to tell by font size, but the stitching is usually a clear sign. If a thread does not end at the letter where it starts, it’s likely a fake.

When made by a major company, their craftsmanship is much cleaner and more precise before hitting the market. Fakes don’t have the same standards and will be sloppier, if even slightly more so.

The logos are where you can tell best. If the NBA logo looks a bit off, a patch is slightly to the side, or the Nike Swoosh looks scribbly, you know what the deal is.

This is hardest to tell on the Mitchell & Ness fakes, as the fakes contain some great detail. Even so, zoom in. You may catch a thing or two. Having a separate tab open to the genuine jersey to compare is a good strategy.

Ball hard and ball out, friends.