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Celebs are donating the flyest kicks to raise money for hurricane victims

With all the hurricanes and other wildness going on, it’s safe to say the earth is cooked.

Mother nature must be tight af because these disasters are leaving communities completely destroyed. There ain’t much you can do if you’re not around the affected area but you can always donate some bread to help out.

Big celebs like Drake have already given heaps of cash to Texas in wake of the Hurricane Harvey. Now it’s your turn, but thanks to StockX you might be able to get a little gift in return.

For those who might not know, StockX is a sneaker “stock market” site for sneakers that’s actually endorsed by some pretty big celebs.

What makes the platform great is that the resellers aren’t charging crazy and StockX check the sneakers to make sure they’re legit before sending it to you.

They’re really changing the sneaker world and now they are doing some good for those affected by the hurricane Harvey and Irma.

They’ve partnered with some big celebs like Pharrell, LeBron and Virgil to raffle some crazy hyped sneakers.

You can find the relief effort at Stockx, where they explain the movement,

“For each $10 donation made between now and September 25th, 11:59 pm PDT,  the donor will receive one entry for the chance to win. Funds raised will be matched by Eminem, up to $250,000. All proceeds will go to the Greater Houston Community Foundation and Team Rubicon in support of the Hurricane Harvey and Irma relief efforts.”

They’ve already raised over $90k and the campaign isn’t even over. You still got time to donate, so maybe you’ll be able to cop some new sneakers for a steal and help the needy.

Here’s some of the craziest kicks you can cop.

They got a pair of Virgil Blazers, but honestly he should’ve done the 1s


These have raised over $7,000 while resale for this will cost you around $600.

LeBron donated a pair of LeBron 9s Watch the Throne  (These are rare)


The king has helped to raise well over $4,000 which isn’t that much higher than resale. The last pair of these to be sold on StockX was purchased for $3,500.

Don C pulled up with his Just Don Beach pack and he  signed the box


The Beach pack go for around $700 on the resale market but the dude has help raise over $3,000.

Pharrell brought his Pink F&F NMDs that are impossible to find anywhere


Nothing is clear about these pairs, they may or may not drop eventually, but they’ve been kept off the reselling market. Pharrell has raised over $18k.

Eminem didn’t disappoint, He donated his Jordan 4s


Resale for these go for well over $10k, that’s wild bro. These brought in over $34k in donations.