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Fab and Jada dropped a classic collab but who had the hotter bars?

Never in a million years would I thought I’d be advocating for anything remotely associated to Halloween a week out from December, but got dammit Fabolous and Jadakiss’s Nightmare On Elm Street got makes it easy for Freddy and Jason to exist outside of October.

Released on Thanksgiving, the two clearly were not able to make the mark of getting the theme project out on the preferred holiday, but when you give the project a listen that becomes something you immediately forget.

With production from Swizz Beats and features the include the likes of Styles P, a Fabolous and Jadakiss collaboration album has no choice but to deliver exactly what you’re aspect: bars.

For fans of punchlines and multiple flows, this project will hit the sweet spot. The two go back and forth, playing well to their characters. Jadakiss even incorporates a cool “kill, kill, kill” ad lib to compliment his Jason persona.

Because the two are highly praised for their pen, as well due to the theme of the album, It’s only right to declare a victor.

Sorting through what I believe is the project’s hottest bars, we’ll see who comes out on top.

“Ground Up” / Fabolous

“Ayo, I built this from the ground up
That’s how I found patience
Came up from the mud and that’s how you foundation

“F vs. Jason Intro” / Jadakiss

“I’m dead wrong; you wanna live, I can’t let you
You at full speed, I’m walking, I still catch you”

“F vs. Jason Intro”/ Jadakiss

“Power from the hockey mask, James St. Patrick
Three bodies in one night, that’s a hat trick”

“Stand Up” / Fabolous

“Them people ran up on me
Asking me do I know something
Looked them in they eyes and said, “If I knew something
I wouldn’t know nothing”

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“Stand Up” / Jadakiss

“What I look like being thirsty when when water is free?”

“Theme Music”/ Fabolous

“They wanna front ’til you jump in the back
Shawty named Rosa, jump in the back
House party days, you’d get jumped in the back
Nowadays the jump offs just jump in the back”

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“Theme Music” / Fabolous

“Show and prove over the talking
They told me as a young G
Even when you hungry never move like you starving”

“Soul Food” / Fabolous

“Yeah, but it’s all for my family The goal wasn’t live middle class and buy Camrys I want us all to eat, even if from my pantry”

“Soul Food” / Jadakiss

“Honor’s in your pocket, your heart, that’s where the will be”

“Principles” / Jadakiss

“It’s only a problem in the case where you can’t help them”

“Talk About It” / Fabolous

We need a one-on-one before it’s goes gun on gun
People skip the front page ’til they see they son on one

“Talk About It” / Fabolous

Can we talk how many died for the birth of a nation?
And how this national anthem ain’t worth my ovation?

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“I Pray” / Fabolous

“Sometimes the ones clapping for you ain’t happy for you
Thought they was rooting for you, really shooting for you”

“I Pray”/ Jadakiss

“They killing to follow, I’m dying to lead”

“Nightmares Ain’t As Bad” / Fabolous

“I be having dreams of my niggas winning, every one of them.”

The Verdict…

Out of the hottest bars on the project, Fabolous really out-barred Jadakiss.

Either way, the entertainment of hearing them stacked up against each other was something I hope they duplicate in the future.

Cultural reference Gawd: 10 times Fabolous beat us to the punch

Since dropping Ghetto Fabolous back in 2001 with DJ Clue, Fabolous has always taken a liking for punchlines, metaphors, and similes.

His breakout hit from the album, “Young’n (Hollaback)” was the first time the world got to hear him officially, and was littered with bars providing commentary on things virtually anyone can relate to.

Fab opens with, “Cause now I pull out, leave ’em lookin’ like models for a Got Milk ad.” Followed by, “And promise to buy them some of them razor foot scooters.” And, just in case you don’t feel old yet, finishes up the verse with  “You are the weakest link, goodbye.”

It’s quite impressive how consistently Fab has been able to inject his album and mixtape material with constant pop culture references. With how often he does it, there’s no doubt that he’s mindful of doing so.

It’s gotten to the point where we expect Fab to flip anything that happens to trend into a bar.

Back in December of last year, he told Power 106 KMEL’s Big Von that he wasn’t dropping a tape over holidays like he usually does, but that we should be expecting a collaborative project from him and Jadakiss titled Freddy vs Jason at the top of 2017.

The top of the year has long since passed and the most we’ve heard from Fab has been from features. Luckily the new holiday season means that there could be something coming around the corner from the young OG.

So, for the Kulture, let’s look at some of his most memorable punchline references to date.

“The World Is Yours” | Friday Night Freestyles

Thats why I blow shit with them generic hoes. Hit it and show no emotion like I’m Derrick Rose

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“Take It Easy” | 2015 Freestyle

Met a chick at Sue’s her dress fit so well, best catch you done seen since Odell

New York Giants Football GIF by NFL - Find & Share on GIPHY

“Tell Ya Friends” | Summertime Shootout

She don’t want the key to ya heart, she wants the key to ya whip. if she had the key to ya heart, she probably key up ya whip.

“Thots” | 2017 Single

Can’t buy class bought a new Mercedes, came back on them birds I’m the new Tom Brady

Sad New England Patriots GIF by NFL - Find & Share on GIPHY

“Gone From Winter” | Young OG Project 

We don’t base, we throw n***as in the truck for real/Chase you out the hood/Make you live with uncle Phil

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“Everything Was The Same” | Soultape 3 

“We was candy shopping before 50 and Olivia

“Ready” | 2013 Single

No cup for the thirsty, she bad as controversy. Skin-tone like Hershey, body Lord have mercy. Yeah if this thing were a car, it’d be a Lamborghini Mercy

“Return of The Hustle” |From Nothin To Somethin’

Loony for the loot, psycho for the paper, this a new year but I recycle for the paper. If green talks, then I’m the Geico with the paper

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“Bish Bounce” | Young OG Project

B*tch look like Topanga, That boy meet world I swear you are in danger. It’s time to score I don’t choke I’m no strangler

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“Lituation” | Young OG Project

Yeah, got your bm in my BM n*gga. Yeah, she got taken, word to Liam n*gga

Taken Liam Neeson GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Some people try and poke fun at Fab but I appreciate every single one of his punchlines, regardless of how forced or predicable.

Hopefully he gives us some heat for the upcoming holidays.