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Summer Bites in NYC: Pull up to Baohaus and get your late night munchies

Picture this. It’s 1 am on a Saturday night and you’re STARVING in bed. You’re lying around your stomach is cursing you out for not loving on it, and bang it hits you like the smell of your moms cooking bacon and eggs.

“Baohaus closes at like 3:30 am…”

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That’s the exact thought my girl had, so we hopped in the ‘99 Maxima and punched it to the most mouthwatering, authentic piece of Taiwanese heaven you could cop near Union Square.

Everything about Baohaus is hip-hop. The walls are plastered with photos, hype stickers, and graffiti. Dave East is bumpin’ in the background, as a dude chefs it up in a powder blue silky, all while you flip through the King’s Book “Fresh Off The Boat.”


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You pull up and the smell of chicken, fish, and pork belly being cooked invites you to spend a couple bucks. If you choose to not cop you’re basically a serial killer. It’s rare you’ll find a spot with this look and feel and the food to match.

The moment they hand you the plate or the to-go box stuffed with any and all Baos you will get it’ll be the last time you’ll consider eating a Bao that’s not from Baohaus. From your first bite, you’ll want to probably square up with your moms, and that’s just honesty.

BUNS OUT C/O @eatswithanthony

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The mixture of this soft doughy bun, delicious pork, chicken, fish, or tofu, with the ground peanuts, and the sauce their dressed with will blow your mind. The meat has a flavor that can’t escape, it only intensifies with each bite.

The peanuts add this dank crunch and sweetness. The stupid fly combination of the slightly tangy sauce and the fluffy hint of sweetness from the Bao will really set the whole thing off.

Imagine this, you throw yourself an alley off the backboard put it through the legs and dunk it to win the chip, that glorious feeling you’re imagining is equal to how these Baos are going to bless your taste buds.

Respect yourself, respect the culture, and bless your taste buds with a piece of Taiwanese street gold. One love and stay full!