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Chicago artist Appleby drops first visuals ever with ‘Young Lost Love’

The eccentric sound of Appleby is a breath of fresh air between the normal top-40 you hear on the radio on a day-to-day. The Haight artist has decided to join the Tidal wave to release the visual child of his most recent single “Young Lost Love” off of his upcoming seven-track EP + Happiness dropping July 20th.

Appleby carries a distinctly polished sound, hung under the umbrella of the alternative genre, but his music has influences of Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, and Post-Punk.

Justin Laroy Burns, also known as Appleby, is a Chicago-based artist who uses his microphone to take us through his emotional journey.

Once a promising tennis star at the age of 17, the now singer and songwriter has made the transition with a subtle yet powerful voice, amazing production, and story that provides us with tracks to enhance the vibe.

“I stole my moms maiden name.
I didn’t show my face online.
I do now”

Appleby popped onto the scene in 2015 with a unique sound provided by songs like “Spit On Me,” which takes us down the path of his introverted thoughts on the world around him, and “Bitter Boy,” which details his feelings towards his then ex-girlfriend. These tracks can be found exclusively on his SoundCloud.

In early June, Appleby dropped his single “Pages,” which turned away from some of his earlier work and transcended his emotional status into vocal bliss.

This single shows the versatility in his style, he exercises his falsetto, but his vocals remain power packed. The production done by Elias Abid is in line with slow jazz, and the entire package blesses your ears with an unforgettable sound.

The video debut for “Young Lost Love” drops on Tidal as a part of the Tidal Rising Program, which aims to support up and coming talent across all genres reach a broader audience.

If you don’t have Tidal, hop on the wave and explore the endless content they have to offer. From albums, singles, original video content, and much more, Tidal is the platform that meets the needs of every music lover.

Appleby’s sound is not one to be missed or overlooked. Kick back and enjoy the sensations provided by this sound. Be sure to download, stream, and share his EP + Happiness when it hits Tidal on July 20th.

Respect yourself, respect the culture, and always explore new sounds to vibe out to. One Love.