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Ranking the best ‘GoT’ streetwear collabs you can cop right now

Love it or hate it you can’t deny that Game Of Thrones has completely changed the way people watch and make TV.

It has become a pop culture phenomenon, you can’t get away from it. Just go on Twitter on a Sunday night and you’ll see. It brings so many genres together that anyone who watches it just gets instantly hooked.

Now GoT is coming for the streetwear lovers trough their “Rep The Realm” campaign.

In honor of season 7 they partnered with 7 brands to create a mix of streetwear and fantasy. And it’s not just some random brands either they got BBC and Ice Cream, Carrots, even ALIFE.

These are so fire that we did you the favor of ranking the best ones.

7. ALIFE by Treis Hill

Simple isn’t always bad but it’s disappointing knowing this what was dropped.

The GOT universe is huge and they could’ve done some crazy looking hoodie but instead went with a boring white hoodie.

Like, I could’ve done the same thing on any shirt printing site smh.

6.  Koio by Chris Wichert

It’s the little details on the shoe that make it fire.

The shoes features the words “Kingslayer” printed on the sole, the Lannister sigil on the heel, and a little golden hand lace holder.

The sneakers pay tribute to Jaime Lannister but unfortunately can’t be purchased. Koio will be doing a giveaway that you can enter through IG.

5. DEE & RICKY by Dee and Ricky Jackson

Dee & Ricky went for an all purpose item, pins.

It’s a mix of new and old, it’s funny that something like GOT can give off these nostalgic vibes by just being in 8bit.

If you position them right on your clothing they’ll be a great piece for starting conversation or a good ice breaker.

4. Billionaire Boys Club

This jacket is fire as they got all the family crests on there.

Sadly, the Jacket isn’t for sale either and the raffle is no longer open. In fact the winners have already been selected.

Honestly my favorite part about the jacket is the BBC logo, looking clean.

3. CARROTS by Anwar Carrots

@hbo Presents: Carrots™ for @gameofthrones Micro-Capsule “Enter to Win” available now #winterishere, tag a friend using #reptherealm

A post shared by Carrots By Anwar Carrots (@carrotsbyanwarcarrots) on

What makes this design nice is that it’s filled with genuine love for the show.

Anwar Carrots explained on HBO’s website,

“His wife and collaborator, Stella Blu, first introduced him to the show. ‘We work from home… and while we work, we watch Game of Thrones.’”

This isn’t just another paycheck for him, Carrots cares for the show and is something he connects to.

2. 40’s & Shorties by Adem Niazi, Drew Byrd and Ryan De La Cruz

Call this a little bit biased but the shirt bangs. They looked through the lore and made a dope design.

The vintage style mixed with GOT just gives off good vibes and works so well together.

1. V/SUAL by Van Styles

These decks are fire, hands down the best collab to come out of HBO’s “Rep the Realm.”

This is a one of a kind piece that’ll have anyone who sees it completely mesmerized. It’s a straight piece of art.

If you love GOT you need to enter this giveaway ASAP shit is too brazy.