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Your video smoke sesh can still be epic with these cannabis products

It’s sad that we have a whole month dedicated to 4/20 and we can’t even spend it the way the weed gods intended, in a big celebration with the squad. But we might just all spark up via video chat to commemorate our collective loss.

For that, we’ve chosen your ultimate 4/20/20 selection of cannabis products to partake in for the special occasion. and Cloudious9 will be your key to the cloudy heavens.

Vibes Rolling Papers

Let’s start small. We all have our favorite and simple way of partaking in 4/20. It’s reliable and you’ve probably perfected your own way of doing it: rolling a joint. So, why not get a tad fancier with the traditional practice and invest in some Vibes Rolling Papers.

They’re cultivated in France, knitted in the Dominican Republic and more importantly for some: King Size. Choose from a selection of Rice, Ultra Thin and Hemp or simply get all three. You should just get all three.


Upgrade your grinder with the Tectonic9 from Cloudious9. Get even and smooth dispensing with a powerful vibration motor. The Tectonic9 marries the reliability and durability of a traditional grinder with an electronic, even dispensing mechanism.

The Tectonic9 also features a viewing window with LED lights, allowing the user to see how much material is in the grinder without ever twisting it open. Removing the need to expose the herbal chamber makes Tectonic9 suitable for use outdoors even during strong winds.

So it’s an investment for when we can finally go outside and spark up.

Airvape XS Go Vaporizor

For the bud lovers that usually go for a bowl, treat yourself to a new vape with five calibrated temperature settings and an isolated airpath.

Don’t worry about getting every nug with the 100% ceramic oven that’s inert and thermal resistant. Here you can heat your dry herb without combustion to deliver a smooth and flavorful vapor experience.

Plus, it’s got a three-minute auto shut off so you never waste your weed. The Airvape XS Go Vaporizor is pocket friendly and lightweight so you can whip it out when we finally can start social converging.


With a three-second heat up time, the Firefly 2+ Vaporizer is all you need to get smacked. Easily load and clean this breath activated dry herb and concentrate portable piece.

firefly vaporizerStrapped with a new airflow system, dual touch sensors, and a reliable battery life, this might be FireFly’s best invention yet. And if the compact portability of this device doesn’t impress you it’s high-performance convention heating tech definitely will.

Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Steamroller

If you prefer a sophisticated glass look, check out the Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Steamroller. It’s the perfect companion for these lonely smoke sessions.

With heat-resistant hand-blown glass paired with a rounded American black walnut mouthpiece, it’s easy to clean. So just cop some dry herb and get started.


Looking for something innovative that packs a punch?

Check out Hydrology9 from Cloudious9. It’s the first portable vaporizer to incorporate a leak-resistant integrated water filtration system that provides a unique vaping experience. Yes like a bong but a vaporizer!

The “Tunnel Tube” water filtration system provides for cleaner and smoother inhalation with no additional attachments or setup while maintaining 360-degree leak protection. It’s also got even heat distribution and precise temperature control with five different temperature settings.


Another Cloudious9 product that takes the traditional vaporizer and makes it everything it can be. With six adjustable temperatures, hybrid convection, and conduction heating and a full ceramic heat chamber, trust that your bud is in good hands.

Plus the Atomic9 has a vapor cooling mouthpiece for optimal comfort and easy cleaning for residual buildup. What more could you wish for? An easy one hand loading shove? Good because it’s got that too.

Mary’s Nutritionals Elite CBD Patch

Not in the mood to get blasted, but still wanna honor the cannabis gods? Try Mary’s Nutritionals Elite CBD Patch. It’s latex-free, with pharmaceutical grade adhesive. There’s 10 mg of pure hemp extract per patch and it gradually releases the CBD for up to 12 hours.

You can wear it all day thanks to its Hypoallergenic Foam Backer and ability to withstand perspiration. Plus it’s pretty affordable. Not bad for a calm day at home.

Also if you’re not tryna be on your lonely this 420 we’re pulling up to the biggest virtual cyph of the century. Save the date here.

Smoking weed wild young will have little effect on your brain, according to science

On the eve of 4/20, we have some news for young smokers who can’t seem to get enough marijuana running through their veins. A new study proves that there are no long-term cognitive effects from smoking cannabis.

This is great news as older studies like the one of Dr. Robert Heath, released back in 1974, claimed that marijuana use causes brain cells to die.

His research was later falsified because the sicko pumped hella bud smoke through gas masks strapped to monkeys’ faces, trying to prove that the god given green herb was harmful.

It was later found that asphyxiation caused the monkeys’ brain cells to die and not weed. Never believe the hype!

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University of Pennsylvania’s Dr. J. Cobb Scott along with four other researchers specializing in adolescent psychiatry and mental illness meta-analyzed 69 different studies that examined more than 2,000 young marijuana smokers.

In comparison with more than 6,500 participants, the systematic review revealed that there is “small but significant overall effect size for reduced cognitive functioning in adolescents and young adults who reported frequent cannabis use. However, studies requiring abstinence from cannabis for longer than 72 hours had a very small, nonsignificant effect size.”

In other words, if you stop smoking for awhile, your cognitive skills should be restored back to normal levels, and after around three days you should be Gucci Gang. According to the research,

“Continued cannabis use may be associated with small reductions in cognitive functioning, results suggest that cognitive deficits are substantially diminished with abstinence.”

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This study is a huge milestone in the effects of marijuana smoke on the young mind and low key disproves the stupid stoner stereotype.

Still, there is more research to be done. The study concluded, “future studies should examine individual differences in susceptibility to cannabis-associated cognitive dysfunction.”

Smoke smart youngins. Taking a little break from marijuana after 4/20 will definitely be a good look for your brain’s intellectual skills. Now you know!

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