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Smoking weed wild young will have little effect on your brain, according to science

On the eve of 4/20, we have some news for young smokers who can’t seem to get enough marijuana running through their veins. A new study proves that there are no long-term cognitive effects from smoking cannabis.

This is great news as older studies like the one of Dr. Robert Heath, released back in 1974, claimed that marijuana use causes brain cells to die.

His research was later falsified because the sicko pumped hella bud smoke through gas masks strapped to monkeys’ faces, trying to prove that the god given green herb was harmful.

It was later found that asphyxiation caused the monkeys’ brain cells to die and not weed. Never believe the hype!

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University of Pennsylvania’s Dr. J. Cobb Scott along with four other researchers specializing in adolescent psychiatry and mental illness meta-analyzed 69 different studies that examined more than 2,000 young marijuana smokers.

In comparison with more than 6,500 participants, the systematic review revealed that there is “small but significant overall effect size for reduced cognitive functioning in adolescents and young adults who reported frequent cannabis use. However, studies requiring abstinence from cannabis for longer than 72 hours had a very small, nonsignificant effect size.”

In other words, if you stop smoking for awhile, your cognitive skills should be restored back to normal levels, and after around three days you should be Gucci Gang. According to the research,

“Continued cannabis use may be associated with small reductions in cognitive functioning, results suggest that cognitive deficits are substantially diminished with abstinence.”

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This study is a huge milestone in the effects of marijuana smoke on the young mind and low key disproves the stupid stoner stereotype.

Still, there is more research to be done. The study concluded, “future studies should examine individual differences in susceptibility to cannabis-associated cognitive dysfunction.”

Smoke smart youngins. Taking a little break from marijuana after 4/20 will definitely be a good look for your brain’s intellectual skills. Now you know!

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