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You can now get a fade and cop kicks at Footlocker in NBA 2K18

NBA 2K18 is coming back BIG this year!

After the past iterations of 2K basically just provided an updated roster with only a few new features added, the team over at 2K finally put their foot down and came to body the gaming world this September.

Yesterday 2K unveiled their new Career mode called “Neighborhoods,” with a whole new concept. They’ve created a living, breathing city populated by us players who want to become BIG BALLERS, no Lonzo.

“Neighborhoods” is built as a big hub world, think GTA V online open world without getting clapped up every 5 seconds.

In the hub you have the option to grab your squad and hit up the barbershop for some quick fades, run down to the gym to get your weight up, walk over to the basketball court to get your ass violated by someone who bought more VC than you, and that’s all before cashing out at the nearest Foot Locker for some new J’s.

“Neighborhoods” is set to be the meeting grounds for past modes: MyPark, Pro-Am, and MyCareer and the best part is that your character’s skill rating is universal through every different mode.

2K knows what we want out here, a reason to calmly dub NBA Live 18 and with this announcement it’s looking like we got our reason.

Twitter took no time to start going in on NBA Live 18 after the announcement, dropping gems like these…

You already know this meme was gonna make its way here

Low key…

Realistically it’s a dub for NBA Live now

Think about how crazy this is for a second…

Like really, really crazy

Can’t say that this is a bad thing

NBA 2K18 is set to release September 19, 2017 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

‘WWE 2K18’ is dropping in October but will it be worth the bread?

WWE 2K17 was a solid overall game but there are always features to be made better and wrinkles to smoothen out and WWE 2K18 looks like a solid improvement.

With the reveal of Seth Rollins as the cover star of the latest installment and some solid overall screenshots, WWE 2K18 looks to be the most realistic game in the franchise to date.

2K18 offers stunning graphics as well as some fluid gameplay that far outshines its predecessors.

MyCareer returns in 2K18 with even more improvements from last year’s game. This year, the recent Brand Split will be used to develop everyone’s individual experience.

MyCareer will allow free roaming backstage for the first time allowing players to shape their own destiny on their rise to the top of the WWE.

The Create-a-Superstar mode has been updated with even more customization options for players to fully immerse themselves in the game.

Improvements have been made to existing features like Create-A-Superstar, Create-a-Video, Create-a-Arena, and the all new Create-a-Match mode.

Related image

A new mode dubbed Road to Glory will also be added. This allows players to take their MyCareer players online to battle other players for pay-per-view spots.

This mode seems interesting as I wonder if the pay-per-views will coincide with real time or if this is a precursor to a WWE eSports league.

Create-a-Finisher as well as a GM mode are not in this game despite many fans clamoring for them to be brought back.

A GM mode would be a refreshing change in the WWE franchise as it’d be interesting to manage a whole roster of superstars and drafting them.

Create-a-Finisher was home to some of the wackiest creations I’ve ever made and it was disheartening to see it go.

2K has definitely taken a step in the right direction with the development of the game and with it comes a whole new set of experiences for fans to enjoy.

NBA 2K18 has potential to be the greatest basketball game ever

I’ve been playing 2K since NBA 2K6 when my cousin would continuously lay the smackdown on a 5-year-old me.

Since then, 2K has drastically improved gameplay and graphic-wise even though it still has its numerous glitches and bugs.

Set for release on September 19th, 2K18 offers some of the most realistic models of players in a 2K game.

2K18 will feature staples of the game like MyCareer, MyLeague, MyGM mode, and the local and online exhibition modes to sauce all your friends when they hit your crib.

Ronnie2K announced that the fan favorite MyPark will not be returning in 2K18 due to a heavier focus on 2K Pro-Am and the new E League

2K announced earlier in the year that they wanted to delve deeper into the E-Sports league to capture more dedicated players of the game.

My GM mode has been revamped and re-branded as MyGM: The Next Chapter.

Image result for 2k18 mygm

In the new MyGM mode, you take control of a former NBA player who’s been given the general manager opportunity after being away from the game for 6 years.

With features like offering max extensions similar to Steph Curry and James Harden, the power of running a team are in your hands.

But with great power comes great responsibility, so you have to keep your staff and players happy throughout the season.

The new MyGM mode comes packed with some pretty sick features and for once I actually feel like wasting a slot on testing out this revamped GM mode.

2K will still definitely have its bugs. After all, it’s never perfect on launch day just like most games.

I hope that it’s not as slow and broken as 2K last year when no one could get on MyPark and everyone was having connection errors.

2K18 seems to be graphically one of the best in the franchise with character, audience models, and sounds akin to those in real life.

With gameplay looking polished and the soundtrack being full of straight fire, NBA 2K18 has the potential to be the highest rated game in franchise history.