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Ta-Ra’s album ‘RARE 1’ is the sonic experience we’ve been searching for

Last year, on May 23, TA-RA posted another flawless selfie with the caption “Solar System Angel.” Little did she know that this caption would be the forefront of her latest 10-tracked album, RARE 1.

Sonically soothing to the ears and a confidence booster, TA-RA’s RARE 1 takes a futuristic approach to the R&B scene.


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★☆✰✪✯……….:.Solar System Angel ⛓⚙️🛰🌌

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Her glittery, trance-like vocals and different studs of production seem to make listeners starry-eyed. It’d be no surprise if the Billboards chose to “make it go gold, make it go far.”

Nevertheless, Ta-Ra knows what she brings to the table and this album just proves that.

“This project is really about affirming oneself by understanding that through myself I am everything else and that every living being is rare and needed,” said Ta-Ra.

From time to time the French singer even uses Japan’s notable economic growth to drive her sound. But even so, the album artwork speaks volumes for Ta-Ra. Its special effects look three dimensional. Additionally, specks of purple, grey, and green are used to portray her as the universe.


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#RARE1 ©️📂OUT February 22 / Cover by @tuaregshawty + @laura_ma_ + @hologramedias + Clement D.S

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Still, she thanks her lucky stars for being an entity. Without them and music, Ta-Ra would feel alienated. RARE 1 starts off with a track that’s sure to “work ya body” called “Avatar.”

Deriving from Japanese roots — the track uses a flute and faint glass ping effect to capture its essence. To keep it even more trill, Ta-Ra even adds in a drum kit to propel the message further.

To me, this track would be a great addition to the movie Carmen: A Hip Hopera’s soundtrack. Essentially “Avatar” is seductive by nature but she’s not wailing like Beyoncé to Mekhi Phifer, “C’mon and touch me D. I know you want to.”

Instead, Ta-Ra shuts out those scumbags and gives a word of advice.

“Where you at? That’s what I get the most, I’m lowkey/You wanna tell the world the motion, take it slow emotion/I’m excited when it’s getting crucial/If you wanna ride you better get a purpose.”

The second track, “Spyro,” fits its name. From its echo sound wave to the scattered synths and looped piano, the production remains elusive.

You’d think that Ta-Ra was referring to one who schemes on obtaining information yet the R&B singer is comparing herself to Spyro, the dragon from the timeless PlayStation video game.

“I’m a pyroman, Spyro baby/ Throwing tantrums, throw a flame/Got volcanos in my brain/Young shawty.”

In the gist of things, “Spyro” has a combative yet sneaky appeal. Ta-Ra doesn’t trust anyone. They’re just way too envious.

“Swear these witches do not want me at the top/ I made ways all I do touch turn into gold/Planet Earth called saying that you was a hoe/I’m so high we different, I’m an astronaut/Capricorn, you fuck with me cause I’m the goat.”

Driving a spacious Japanese sound once again the third track “5star” uses an elevated UFO sound effect, woodwinds, and organ chords whilst referring herself to “a scientist alchemist” or “the biggest mistake of all of her exes.”

Here, Ta-Ra is boasting her realness.

“I’m real until my death, I could never fake it, ouh.”

Still, what stands out from the very beginning is that reference, the one her Insta followers know and love — “Solar system angel, I am flying on a comet.”

Not missing a beat, “Nebulas” rolls in as the fourth track on Rare 1. She struts her stuff from the very beginning. “Proving this, Nebulas” starts off with a vintage “walking down the runway” sound and synth keyboard that seems to dance around.

As Ta-Ra croons soothingly “I’m on a call with you. If you with it shawty. I’m finna die with you. As long as you ride my sky is blue.” The listener thinks of their own undying love for their friends as well. The purpose of this song is for Ta-Ra to show her devotion to the real ones.

“If you homie you my family.”

Pleasantly the fifth track, “Falcon7” starts off with an out of tune guitar riff that finds its way to our reward circuit. From there the track just keeps getting better — easing in with snares and a low piano chord.

As Ta-Ra allows herself to be vulnerable, she speaks on how her heart is just way too big. Despite being done dirty, she manages to clean it up with forgiveness but now she’s questioning her motives from now on.

Fool her once shame on you, fool her twice ‘can only put the blame on you. Simple.

“My love for you is a constant intake/I keep on going and going for them/I’m about to go off ’cause they abusing it/Oh, I am all of your call/Falcon high, vision installed/Them no high, vision is low/My love for you is inevitable.”

“Talking to the stars and sky alone” the sixth track “Nymph” speaks on a future love she just can’t seem to get out of her head. Although she has yet to meet him, Ta-Ra hopes he’ll come soon.

While the xylophone and hi-hats bang in, Nymph creates a nostalgic atmosphere. As we make a wish, we beg for “the one”.

“Hello, hello, hello…../I’d love to meet you/Where the f*ck is you/Is you right and how you do/Waiting on you/Every moon/I been looking like a fool.”

For RARE 1’s seventh track, “OG Love Key,” Ta-Ra uses 808s, a drone sound effect, and dream-ridden vocals. Thus, taking us to another level.

Hesitant about giving her all to a new love, Ta-Ra professes how she’s feeling and even if it’s tough, she’s willing to try because she is really fond of him.

“Swimming in your waters I don’t care about your sharks/I give love to you/It’s tough/I’m about to lose it ‘cause I need that OG love.”

More of a pop-ish song, the eighth track “Exit” features Vroskiii. Additionally, Ta-Ra slides in some rhymes. It merely has a futuristic vibe with its looped synths & reverbs.

Still, the song comes with a powerful message. They speak for others out there who have a similar feeling and are looking for a way out.

“Tryna find a way out/See the kids up in my city/Shanghai Tokyo and in Paris/All they tryna do/Is tryna find a way out.”

In the same fashion, Vroskiii expresses how he’s going to continue doing him. All in all, society can’t keep him chained. He’s breaking free. “Tired of those wanting a piece of me. I’m doing me doing what I want…”

As the ninth track, “VenusFlower” lays out a beautiful harp, a scale of futuristic sound effects and 808s. Ta-Ra adds to the calm aura with her soft vocality. Alas, she’s ”planting all the seeds of all her love into his garden” and is ready to “ride down the coast where he likes to fly.”

When she hits those high notes in the same manner, you feel warm and enthralled. As the quote goes, “Pressure makes diamonds.”

Lastly, the tenth track “NorthStar” speaks on how “she’s on level 50 in the building.” I am unsure if this song’s purpose is to speak on independence or finding love but nevertheless the core of it is discovery.

“Got the space and time/You rolling with a dime/Brain cells getting so overloaded Northstar/Got me on my path/I’m rocking with it/Got my Northstar I been wishing/Praying for a second/With it.”

In the background expect to hear a sci-fi machinery loop coupled with a dagger of synths. As for her vocals, the repetitive verses just bring you back to earth. It’s a track that makes you do some reflection.

To put in words — RARE 1 will have you over the moon. It’s a timeless piece of work and will never depreciate in value.

For RARE 1, Ta-Ra went beyond the realms of conscience. We might not be Martian’s but we are so similar that it’s almost unimaginable. Like Ta-Ra says in “Avatar,” “If they know the way to power we on something much louder.”

If you are curious, stream Ta-Ra’s entire album below via this audiovisual experience.