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Swizz Beatz’s ‘No Commission’ sets the precedence for artists to eat too

It’s been quite a year for the most influential art connoisseur in hip-hop, Swizz Beatz and his Dean Collection. He blessed 20 select artists from all around the world with $5,000 each, became the holder of the most Gordon Parks photos in private hands, shut down Sotheby’s with an epic art auction for the culture, and gifted 50 NY photographers with a show of their own at the Bacardi Rum Room.

Now as we look to close out 2018, Swizz, The Dean Collection, and Bacardi look to end another artsy year with their seventh edition of No Commission at Miami Art Basel. For sure this generous man stands by the artists and supports the people.

He’s truly an icon living and ‘The Monster’ designed No Commision to support creatives all around the world. The campaign’s roots were planted in Miami and over the course of three years, the initiative has made its way to the Bronx, London, Shanghai, and Berlin.

From Miami, the legendary producer took us to his birthplace, the Boogie Down BX. There, No Commision celebrated the BX’s role in the genesis of contemporary art and music.

In London, he solidified the fair’s guiding principle and highlighted the journey of art from the street to the studio by combining the best of U.K. street art with avant-garde photography, painting, and sculpture.

By the time No Commission made its way to Shanghai, it was ready to incept a wider understanding of new art forms emerging from the Asiatic corner of the globe.

In Berlin, the campaign took it to another level and used the cultural hub as a guide for forging a direct link between art and art patronage.

And for Miami Art Basel 2018 Swizz, The Dean Collection, and Bacardi plan on shifting efforts towards photographers with ‘Take the Shot’. Truthfully, No Commission has done a lot for artists and to date has put over $3M back into their hands.

The mission is clear as artists receive 100 percent of the proceeds for the sales of their works. This is our season. It’s time to give creatives everywhere the respect that they deserve!