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Supreme Mushroom Trip: 5 things I learned on shrooms at Supreme

A magic time was had by all, but mostly me. Yesterday, my friend trip sat for me while I was on shrooms. On our way to the Brooklyn Bridge’s waterfront, we passed a Supreme store. Thus the Supreme mushroom trip began.

As a bit of a critic of Supreme, I was hesitant. That didn’t stop us from doing it for the culture!

Supreme city exclusives

What caught my eye as I walked by were the vibrant colors and vintage look to the shirts in the window. Upon entry, I noticed a shirt that had a drawing of Tomkins Square Park. Being that I live a block from there, I was tempted.

I dared not look at the price tag. I wanted to keep this trip happy. Seeing a neighborhood landmark is happy enough.

Speaking of tags…

While I couldn’t bring myself to check the price of a shirt, I did check the hats.

They were too visually appealing and popping out! I saw they didn’t have a tag. So what did my dumb tripping ass do? Say to the dude working, “Yo mans, this the type ‘a dealio where you if you gotta ask, you can’t afford it?”

Someone from across the store said it was $48… for which I was only charged $42.

It was a Supreme Worldwide #1 Globe flat bill mesh trucker hat.

Unique store layout

The Brooklyn Supreme is designed more like an art gallery than a clothing store. On either side of the walls are racks and shelves, with mostly clear space between them.

This allows the customers breathing room and likely accommodates their big crowds.

Supreme brooklyn store

On the walls from floor to ceiling are pictures and artwork from Supreme designers. skateboard decks are also proudly on display.

Behind the register is a pool skate ramp. Tripping and seeing a skate ramp in a building is a mind fuck, to say the least.

To think I’d only see the sort of thing in Tony Hawk…

Supreme brooklyn store

Entrance procedure

Going into Brooklyn’s Supreme isn’t as simple as just walking right in.

Likely in response to looting, security has been hired in front of the store. As such, they take down your name and phone number (just for one person if you’re in a group).

This was a scary moment, to say the least. I thought I’d get turned away if they saw my pupils. All I have to say about it… thanks for doing the talking, Paige.

Supreme mushroom trip: Repackaged culture

Whether Supreme pays homage to or rips off designers is up to you to decide. One thing that can’t be denied is they’re quite inspired.

Their designs are often based on some sort of collaboration. When original, Supreme seems to take influence from ads and packaging from the 80s and 90s, with a modern spin.

In a way, Supreme has made a look all their own from borrowing from past decades’ trends. When we see something familiar to us, we are more inclined to pay attention to it. This is your nostalgia hard at work.

If you’re looking to design, take notes, friends.