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Start the fall with WESLEE, the bi-coastal duo giving R&B a new sound

Bi-Coastal singer-producer team WESLEE recently dropped their latest single ‘Something Bout You.

You’ve probably heard other singles by the duo, like “Bathwater,” “Boy Like You,” and “Tongue Tied.” Their last hit “Sweat Dreams” got over 1.7 million streams on Apple Music alone.


WESLEE’s music is lowkey electro, high-key r&b, and 100% vibey. The duo is made up of London born vocalist Emma DD and Kansas native producer Josh Grant.

You can tell immediately that Emma and Josh are songwriters. In an interview with Grammy, their philosophy is to keep doing what they love which is making music and writing songs and the rest will follow.

“Overthinking is the death of creativity.” – Emma

And so far the rest has followed. Their critically-acclaimed debut track ‘Gassed’ still puts them among industry heavyweights. The track received the prestigious ‘Hottest Record in the World’ accolade from BBC Radio 1’s Mistajam.

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WESLEE is an international music act at heart with 26 million streams. Their last EP 9F generated over 809,000 Spotify streams to date and made it into Jamz Supernova’s ‘Top 5 Eps’ on BBC Radio 1Xtra. They’ve performed on the mainstage of Brooklyn’s Northside Festival.

WESLEE just headlined at the KCRW Summer Nights in L.A. and their second EP will be released early next year. For now though, with Emma DD’s sumptuous vocals and producer Josh Grant’s minimalist beat, ‘Something Bout You’ is the perfect chill-out vibe. The slow jam is a departure from the playfulness of previous single ‘London Love.’

It also comes at the perfect time as the summer comes to an end and cozy fall vibes are around the corner. The song is definitely on our end of summer playlist.

The WESLEE SoundSystem

WESLEE frequently creates their own playlists as well. The WESLEE ‘SoundSystem’ is jampacked with bops, bangers, and instant classics, showing you their music’s influences are in good company and that there’s more to music.

Whether you’re getting ready to go out, or spending the night in with some candles and good wine this coming September, ‘Somethin Bout You’ should be an addition to your own playlist.