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Smell like Frida Kahlo: Surrealist Clockwork Cros drops a new fragrance

Surrealist master mind Clockwork Cros has cultivated a scent in remembrance of renown artist Frida Kahlo.

The FK perfume conceptualized by the LES artist embodies the very signature scent that followed the talented Mexican female artist.

The aroma was first introduced to the senses of those who were able to attend Clockwork Cros curated site Frida Kahlo House during Miami at Art Basel 2018.

The project celebrated legendary painter and cultural phenomenon, Frida Kahlo, by presenting work from contemporary artists who valued her ethos.

Artfully celebrating Kahlo’s creativity, a 40-foot shipping container was turned into a three-day multimedia pop-up experience at the Satellite Art Show in Miami.

Additionally, the exhibit featured works from not only Clockwork Cros but from artists Filip Custic, Lola Jiblazee, Keli Lucas, Augustus Pallante, HidjiWorld, Marguerite Van Cook, Jasmine Besiso and E Besiso and Ellie Weatherbee.

Showing even more love to Kahlo’s legacy, a percentage of sales and post-show sales from “FRIDA KAHLO HOUSE” were donated to Rotary Polio in order to help realize would-be-doctor Frida Kahlo’s original intention of helping others overcome Polio.

Obviously, the pop-up exhibition represented Frida Kahlo correctly — down to the scent that whisked around patrons’ noses, fam. FK truly summons a realm filled with honey and roses. Provided by some of the world’s most renowned perfumers the fragrance is unforgettable.

Many have said that Kahlo’s perfume was so extraordinary that her fragrance announced her presence even before she arrived. Furthermore, those interested can use a touch of FK for subtle and enticing effect, or mist to make a bold lingering statement.

Plus, the fragrance is safe and sustainable, containing phthalate/paraben-free organic ingredients. The FK perfume that permeated the three-day installation is now available here. Also, stay posted for more Frida Kahlo clocks…

Talk about embodying the essence of a legend. Good shit Clockwork!