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Shane Dawson cancelled? Why he is bad for the culture

Shane Dawson has 22.6 million subscribers on YouTube, but he deserves none.

There have been several moments in Dawson’s career where he has made offensive videos that include racism, the sexualization of children, jokes about bestiality, and further inappropriate content.

Dawson has made apology videos in the past, so the most recent one is not his first. But only recently did Dawson begin to delete the problematic videos from his video history.


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While cancel culture is a problem, there are certain people that do not deserve any more chances. What they deserve, at least to start, is their careers destroyed because of their inexcusable behavior.

Racist skits

Among his many terrible videos, Shane Dawson profits off of a character he created, Shananay. When playing Shananay, Dawson is perpetuating harmful stereotypes of Black women.

He has on multiple accounts done blackface, said the n-word, and called Black people ‘monkeys’ and ‘gorillas.’

Shane Dawson has clearly shown that he has no sense of judgment.

He has also made videos that include anti-semitic jokes about killing Jewish people.

Sexualizing minors

There are many instances where Shane Dawson has shared an even more repulsive side of himself.

There’s a video of him on Omegle with his mom, telling a girl who looks like a minor to twerk for him.

A video in which he’s going through pictures of young teens wearing his merchandise. As he slides through the pictures he makes moaning sounds and then says, “if iJustine wasn’t watching I would rape all of you.”

On a podcast, he makes a comment about putting himself in a pedophile’s mindset and searches on a pornography website “naked baby.” He then comments on how the minors look, later saying he was joking.

This whole list is disturbing.

One of the people that he sexualized just happened to be Willow Smith, who at the time was about 11-years-old.

A video shows Shane Dawson acting like he’s jerking off to a picture of her and then turns around as if he’s gotten caught in the act. Willow’s brother, Jaden Smith, had something to say about this.

After Shane Dawson apologized, Jada Pinkett Smith also had something to say.

Me too Jada Pinkett Smith. Me too.

Acts of bestiality

There are videos of Shane Dawson acting inappropriately towards dogs. Whether he’s trying to make out with them, putting his face in between their back legs, or talking about it, it’s all disgusting behavior.

I mean fam… what the f***.

When is enough enough? Get this weirdo out of here.

His apology video

YouTube has since taken down advertisements on Dawson’s videos, making his account demonetized.

Shane Dawson may have made a video apologizing for his past behavior, but I don’t forgive him and neither should y’all.