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Savage or cruel? how the popular term celebrates lack of empathy

The word savage has only changed in popularity, not meaning. In the past five years, society has used it to describe people who disrespect and don’t care who they hurt. They even think it’s cool. Is being savage cruel?

Our culture has always had a love for these unapologetic anti-heroes. Wolverine embodies this trait and the rest of the X-Men call him out for it. Even so, he’s generally the most popular with Marvel fans.

Pranks that aren’t funny

Today, it’s celebrated in pranks and disses in online videos. While hilarious at times (let’s not lie, we’ve all laughed at them at some point), they expose an ugly side of our culture and values.

The greater the lack of empathy on display, the more the views. Edgy humorists take to this especially. It validates their sense of humor and gives them an excuse to be cruel.

Justifying cruelty by calling yourself a savage is done by cheaters, abusers, and bullies alike. Some YouTubers like Jake Paul is notorious for doing this. Then, the fans, who are mostly kids, encourage this behavior.

Trap has done quite a bit to popularize the word. It tends to value self-indulgence and doing whatever you want. Some do this just for the image, others are hiding in plain sight.

Cruel Memes

Memes, as well, have had comparable influence on the term ‘savage’. There exist quite a few Donald Trump‘s most savage moments compilations. The country laughed so hard, he landed in office.

The attention from controversy only drives their fans more and more wild. There is no clearer example than The Donald.

Because of his platform, he has half the country endorsing the way he acts.

Ask yourself: Is being savage cruel?

When a phenomenon happens at the top, it will be felt by all levels of society. It sets a dangerous precedent for what we as a society will tolerate. And right now that phenomenon is being savage, cruel.

Normalizing these behaviors is how they stay. Stay kind, friends. If you are to be savage, at least be funny.