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Robot strippers stole the show at CES because the future is mad f*cking weird

CES is the annual gadget fest that happens in Las Vegas’ convention center. While the crowd got a glimpse of the future’s hottest gadgets, one invention stood out from the rest.

Robot Strippers were unveiled at this year’s 50th CES and we couldn’t be more conflicted.

So we all know AI is going to take all of our jobs in the next few years, but even stripping?

Apparently the dancers have been around for a while now, first appearing in 2012, when programmer and creator Giles Walker first introduced them at the Europe’s CeBit expo.

The owner of Sapphire Gentleman’s Club in Vegas then saw a business opportunity, allowing the robots to be displayed there in hopes of “attracting conference attendees.”

The owner, Peter Feldstein, had this to say:

“This is our 18th year for the club, and we felt we needed to come up with something new and unique. It used to be just nerds. But we wanted something more creative that would appeal to both men and women.”

As per the Daily Beast, around 80% of attendees were men.

Ladies, watch your man, because AI is starting to develop emotional attachments with humans.

In a 2016 interview with Dr. Ian Pearson with Breitbart (so take with proper grain of salt), he says that humans will easily develop sexual attachments and connections with robots, especially if the robot looks like their preferred partner.

“So people will actually have quite strong emotional relationships with their own robots. In many cases that will develop into a sexual one because they’ll already think that the appearance of the robot matches their preference anyway, so if it looks nice and it has a superb personality too it’s inevitable that people will form very strong emotional bonds with their robots and in many cases that will lead to sex.”

Nah, no thanks. I’ll be damned if I walk in on my future husband balls deep in a robo-chick. I don’t even know who I’d take down first.

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The future is really here folks… And it’s mad weird.