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President Ye’s short-run still has fire endorsements and Oklahoma?

As crazy as this world seems, seems a number of people were saying YES to Ye. But as of Tuesday night, the DONDA don dropped out of the race. So we thought…

It seems at the last stretch, President Kanye managed to get on the Oklahoma ballot according to the state’s election board.  Should we be hype?

Mans did have the fire endorsements including Chance the Rapper.

The Chicago rapper seems to realize his friend (another Chicago rapper) may not win. All the same, that has not kept him from supporting Kanye politically.

Many criticized Chance’s responses, as they fear this will siphon votes from the real candidates. It’s his voice and his choice. You may not dig it, but that’s his right.

Slate writer Joel D. Anderson appears to imply that Kanye is either mismanaged or enabled. With a crowd of “YES” men surrounding him, who will tell him no? Ye is someone who historically hasn’t appreciated the input of others (when he doesn’t agree).

Anderson takes the position that he is rewarded by the public, no matter how crazy he acts. He has drawn the conclusion that with the loss of his mother, he has never acted the same since.

Instead of supporting Kanye to get help, they support his madness. Whatever makes the headlines, right? Still, this timeline sounds very familiar.

Actor Terry Crews was quick to weigh in on Chance’s tweet, which Chance was quick to denounce. This was likely in the wake of a tweet Crews came under fire for when discussing Black Lives Matter.

While well-intentioned, not all took to his message, especially Chance. Others on Twitter believe Crews was trying to cash in on social brownie points.

Outside of entertainment, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has endorsed Kanye’s run, as the two appear to be friends. While Elon Musk himself is no stranger to bizarre antics on occasion, this has to be the most far-out he’s gone.

This can simply be written off as a joke, or a friend doing a favor for a friend. However, with as much sway and relevance Musk has, one has to ask how responsible it is to do. A well-respected CEO joking about endorsements could do some actual harm.

Lastly, wife Kim Kardashian-West had a glowing endorsement for her husband. Kim, with 65.7 million Twitter followers, no one can get the message out quite like she can.

While not directly having any quote about it, she did endorse his announcement with an American flag emoji.

While this may be an entertaining story, remember Kanye did manage to nab two percent of the vote. His team tried to get on the ticket late in Florida and South Carolina but did not work out.

But, but he did manage to beat Oklahoma’s state deadline to get on the ballot.