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Personal sports photographers capturing athletes in their true element

From amazing plays to powerful moments, the best pictures in sports are carved into our brains and etched into our memories forever. And it is often from personal sports photographers that we get a glimpse into the beauty of the game.

So who’s behind the camera? Some of the best photos of our favorite athletes are being captured by these talented personal sports photographers.

Cassy Athena

Cassy Athena is one of the best at what she does. Her work is known in and around NBA circles to the point where she’s more than a photographer to some players.

You’ve more than likely seen some of her work. Athena is also responsible for the infamous Nick Young Meme. 

Darrell Ann

Darrell Ann is one of the official photographers for Klutch Sports Group.

His work includes shots of Klutch clients that include LeBron James, Lonzo Ball, and Ben Simmons. Ann has a special talent for getting the perfect snapshot. 

Cameron Look

Cameron Look, aka KoolMac, is a freelance photographer whose photos are able to tell a story better than most words can.

He’s photographed some of the best in the NBA, including Jayson Tatum and Bradley Beal, while also shooting future star Bronny James. His work was featured on SLAM and you can see why.

Salvador Johnson

Salvador Johnson has photographed some of the NFL’s biggest names.

From Odell Beckham Jr., to Cam Newton, to Antonio Brown, this personal sports photographer is able to get candid photos from any athlete he shoots.

Johnson truly shows the dedication and diligence it takes to capture the perfect shot of athletes that will be seen for posterity.

David Sosna 

Sosna is an Emmy Award winner who is currently a content producer for the Cleveland Cavaliers and the NFL.

It is easy to see why the personal sports photographer is as accomplished as he is. His shots capture some of the best athletes playing right now, with a vigor that is necessary to capture an athlete in their truest form.

Noah Graham

Graham is currently a sports photographer for the Golden State Warriors.

He captures his photos from unique angles which results in some of the best sports photography out right now. And as exciting as the Warriors are and will continue to be with Steph Curry on the squad, we are gracious for what Graham brings to the table as a dedicated and crafty photographer.

Shahbaz Khan

Speaking of sports photographers, Khan is currently the director of digital content for the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Minnesota Lynx. He previously worked for the Sacramento Kings.

A quick scroll through his Instagram feed will show anyone that he has a talent for capturing athletes in their element.

These personal photographers and content creators excel at what they do because of their authenticity, innovation, and vision. Look out for them as sports rage on in December and into 2021 as trendsetters for the culture.

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