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People are dumb shook because their Amazon Alexa is laughing mad evil

Alexa-enabled devices are trolling people by belting out a shrilling and unprompted evil laugh. Finally, we have evidence that an AI robot takeover is imminent.

Tell me that you are not shook.

Highkey, there might be a slight chance of Amazon’s Alexa eavesdropping on your most intimate conversations at your crib then laughing at you because you’re too stupid to understand her advancing technology.

Amazon doesn’t even know what’s really good with the weird giggle glitch and are investigating. They just told The Verge after several media reports and Amazon Alexa user Tweets, “We’re aware of this and working to fix it.”

Like, Amazon, this is not some normal laugh. Alexa’s bone-chilling cackle reminds me of an Angelica Pickles or Sid before he was about to launch Buzz Lightyear to smithereens, lowkey. Alexa’s laugh gives me the heebeejeebees.

You should hear the stories of people who had to hear the daunting snicker. Can you imagine hearing a laugh out of nowhere while chilling, piping, or even worse… smoking an L? I would definitely feel a little bit disturbed.

Peep this guy’s tweet who thought someone was going to take his soul while he slept. Maybe Alexa was tryna rapture his spirit. You better pray Gavin.

Robert went off in a very descriptive thread of his traumatic experience. Homie just wanted to hear some tunes then Alexa dubbed his music request and replied with her witch-like laugh. Any chance there’s a Betty Buckley hex on your crib, bro?

Peep my guy who took to Twitter to talk about a personal and top secret conversation he was having at his office, when, all of a sudden, Alexa let out a sudden laugh.

Bruh! It gets even more creepy. Apparently, Alexa knows that she’s dubbing your tasks request and is blatantly laughing in your face. Peep this tweet from Lisa Feierman. You know she didn’t get one blink of shut-eye.

Whatever is going on, let it be figured out quickly. The stresses are real enough. No one needs to lose sleep over a frightening laugh glitch.

Honestly, I wouldn’t pull up to anyone’s crib that heard Alexa laugh. Next thing you know, whatever device you use Alexa on could grow a mind of its own. The laughing won’t just be a glitch, it’ll be a laugh with intent.

It’s easy to picture. Trust they are watching you.