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Pay the players! Kyle Kuzma faxes the NCAA on exploiting college athletes

In light of the recent news regarding the University of Louisville basketball program and its forfeiture of the 2013 National Championship, Kyle Kuzma, Lakers rookie forward and former University of Utah Utes baller, took to Twitter to voice his opinion on the NCAA in general. He isn’t too pleased:

This has been an ongoing situation for some time now and it’s a good look that athletes themselves are using their platforms to expose the NCAA for being grimy.

While $900 a month is a decent amount of cash flow for a college student, the profits the NCAA makes thanks to their athletes should net them a little more bread right?

The NCAA has been a shady business for some time now so it’s great that these notable stars in the making have this on their agendas. There’s definitely a conversation to be had here.

Kuzma isn’t the only notable young star to voice his opinions on the NCAA recently. Ben Simmons, the do-it-all ROY candidate for the Philadelphia 76ers and former LSU Tiger, made his thoughts known to the masses as well.

He blasted the “sneaky” NCAA as a “dirty business” during an episode of the Uninterrupted series called “Kneading Dough” with Mav Carter.

Simmons attended LSU for less than a full academic year. He wasn’t with the shits knowing the NCAA could use his image and likeness to profit without him getting a single dollar.

Once the Tigers were out of contention for March Madness, Ben hit the dips. Smart move big guy.

Now this isn’t a new stance, but it certainly further endorses the fact that the system is unjust. Kids across the nation lend universities the opportunity to profit off of them for almost nothing.

There are current and former college student-athletes out there who feel the system is not working for them. It’s time for change.