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NYC Art Gems: Black art, instagrammable, and interactive exhibits to peep

Need some plans? Here are three NYC art gems definitely worth pulling up to this weekend. 

First stop is  X Gallery NYC, for their opening of the Fred Watkins exhibition, as part of the celebration of Black History Month. It’s not every day you find an art gallery that celebrates Black History, so this show is a must see.

X Gallery, located right on Malcolm X Boulevard, has an entire exhibition highlighting some of Fred Watkins key moments in his career. Other artist celebrated in this show include works from June DeLairre Truesdale, Juanita M. Prince Cole, Tyrone Rasheed, John Braithwaite and Lisa DuBois.

Head over to their Instagram page to RSVP to the opening night reception, Saturday, Feb. 9, six to nine pm.

Next stop is Miles McEnery Gallery, for their two new colorful exhibitions by artist Markus Linnenbrink, and Judy Pfaff. Pfaff uses multiple mediums for her works, which results in a large scale, and colorful sculpture-like installation.

Linnenbrink creates colorful, three Dimensional paintings that are an experience of time and color. If you love colors, you will love these exhibitions. Both shows are equally beautiful, as they are Insta-worthy.

Check them out while they are on view, both end Mar. 9. 

Last stop is at Intersects by Lexus to see the Essential Invisible exhibition by artist Future Wife. You will be blown away by the combination of art and tech.

Some of the best kinds of art are interactive. There are so many galleries have strict rules about not touching or getting to close to the works. “Essential Invisible” is the opposite.

This show is interactive because the viewer has control of the work. Infrared, and 3D sensors are used to detect human motion, which allows you to control the canvas. This ability to control the art makes for an even more special experience than the usual gallery trip.

The exhibition is on view until Mar. 5, located at 412 West 14th Street.