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Nipsey Hussle’s STEM programs aim to ‘bridge gap between inner-city and Silicon Valley’

Compton rapper Nipsey Hussle recently stopped by Big Boy’s ‘The Neighborhood’ radio show to talk about his Too Big To Fail initiative, focused on bringing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) programs to inner-city and underserved areas.

Nipsey has teamed up with business partner Dave Gross, a real estate developer and entrepreneur who also hails from inner-city LA to develop the program.

The rapper told Big Boy that he wants the program to be a “bridge between Silicon Valley and the inner-city.”

Nipsey and Gross will start their program in Los Angeles, but want to expand across the country to Washington DC, Atlanta, and Baltimore.

The “Too Big To Fail” moniker comes from financial terminology used to describe our biggest banking institutions, but Nipsey and co. are taking that phrase into the inner-city.

The Too Big To Fail website describes their mission and ideology:

“Our inner-cities are ‘Too Big To Fail’, but despite their size and potential, have yet to receive the necessary support.

“Too Big To Fail is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) center and Maker Space that encourages design thinking and innovation in local youth. In partnership with Vector90, we’re creating impact hubs where neighborhood youth can feed off of each other’s talent, creativity, and support.”

This is just the latest in a long list of innovative moves from Nipsey Hussle.

From teaming up with a blockchain tech company to find new ways to monetize his music, to providing a select amount of fans hard copies of his albums, to bringing business to his native Compton, Nipsey Hussle stays trying to find inventive solutions to old problems.

He’s a dope artist, but Nipsey Hussle is also a shrewd mind when it comes to business or social initiatives to better his community.

Shoutout Nip for always pushing the envelope.