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NBA athletes are giving back for the holidays and it makes us feel great

NBA athletes are giving back to their communities this holiday season.

The players often hand out some of their best assists of the season to charities and people in need. Whether they are donating toys, money or food, NBA athletes are constantly looking out for those in need.

Here are some NBA athletes who are giving back during these holidays.

Duncan Robinson

Duncan Robinson is coming off an NBA finals appearance with the Miami Heat. Being that it was the biggest point in his young NBA career, no one would have faulted the man if he took a long rest this offseason.

But, Robinson is the latest NBA athlete helping his community during the holidays.

Robinson just gave back to the community by donating 10,000 meals to those in need by teaming up with A-Sha Foods. Robinson then ended up personally handing out the meals to families in South Florida. 

Say what you will about NBA athletes, but no one can doubt their love for the holidays, and their altruistic efforts to boot.

Donovan Mitchell

Donovan Mitchell and his family just pledged to give $12 million to his former middle school. His sister also went to the school in Connecticut, and his mother used to teach there.

The money will be used to build a brand new gym, provide scholarships to kids and help pay the teachers. It’s the largest donation in the school’s history. 

LeBron James

LeBron James is known for being a big fan of the holidays. And if there’s something else he’s known for, besides being a locomotive transcendent superstar on the court, it’s that he gives back to his communities and charities in surplus.

LeBron James is using his family’s foundation to fund and create a 60,000 foot venue called House Three Thirty. The hub will provide financial-literacy advice, job training and recreational activities for youth in the area.

This hub is just another example of James’ philanthropy. James has donated countless money and opened his I Promise School in 2018. 

Marcus Smart

Marcus Smart just donated shoes and gear to the entire Fort Worth Boswell Basketball team. The entire team is now equipped with Puma gear, from their warm up gear to their sneakers.

The team was 0-3 before the gear arrived, but has gone 4-1 since. Proof that NBA athletes aren’t the only ones who love the holidays? And Smart’s altruistic efforts are making a difference.

John Wall

Just before John Wall was traded to the Houston Rockets, he handed out 1,000 free meals to people in Washington D.C. He also gave 150 families a $25 gift card for groceries.

Wall was a huge staple in the D.C area and was known for frequently giving back to the community. He will be missed in the area, but his altruistic tendencies show the NBA community is deep and robust.

Robert Covington

Robert Covington recently donated $1 million to his alma mater and HBCU, Tennessee State University. The money will go towards the creation of a new practice facility for the men’s and women’s basketball teams.

A black-owned firm will also be used to build the facility. 

Josh Jackson

Josh Jackson just donated a huge amount of toys for kids in his hometown of San Diego.

The Detroit Piston donated the toys to The New Way Christian Center. 

Judging by his tweet here, it is clear Jackson also feels a responsibility and a fulfillment giving back to the community during the holidays.

NBA athletes are giving back and inspiring hope during the holidays

NBA athletes are always giving back throughout the year but especially during the holidays. Is it the time off from work, the time around family, or the cool winter air that causes their altruistic tendencies?

We don’t know for sure, but what is clear is that NBA athletes care. The NBA community is strong and robust, and it is no clearer than during the winter holidays.

As we continue to move through December, expect more and more philanthropy from the NBA and its players.