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MiraQle’s pop-up NFT gallery attracts Randi Zuckerberg to VIP show

NFTs are undoubtedly the new hottest trend in the crypto world. They’ve become so popular that industry leaders from across the globe including Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk have pledged for them.

Now, in a recent development, Randi Zuckerberg, Facebook’s former CMO, attended a VIP NFT Gallery hosted by MiraQle Project.

MiraQle Project, the issuer of MQL coin, recently held a VIP NFT showcase for the launch of 15 entertainment NFT content pieces. This invite-only event was held at Itaewon BOHYEMIAHN gallery and displayed several limited edition art pieces.

Randi Zuckerberg was one of the prime invites and she attended the event as the non-executive director of the KOSDAQ-listed company isMedia, following its recent partnership with MiraQle for an NFT marketplace. 

Being a tech enthusiast, Zuckerberg seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed the NFT showcase.

Speaking at the event she said, “MiraQle’s NFT artworks are in a different level of artistry from other existing NFT contents, and the technology to implement vibrant visuals, sounds, and dynamic movements are great. I’ve never seen such content. It is the best.”

She also explained that she was extremely excited to launch “an SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) focused on the future of what live entertainment would look like in this hybrid world where new technologies such as blockchain, NFTs, and “cryptocurrencies” will ameliorate the experience for fans and consumers.”

The MiraQle project team honored Ms. Zuckerberg for her visit by gifting her with specially curated NFT artworks. She then took to her social media to announce that she was thrilled to be meeting “forward-thinking” Korean entrepreneurs who were working on blockchain technology. 

This NFT showcase is a part of MiraQle’s larger picture of decentralizing the entertainment sphere by bringing fans and artists on a level playing field. Several NFTs for music enthusiasts around the world were displayed in the event and images of top global artists were featured. 

Decentralizing the Music and Entertainment Industry  

The entertainment industry ever since its inception was almost always opaque. Industry tycoons have had full control over funding, distributing, and licensing content.

Fans had no choice but to accept the content churned out by these tycoons. But, with the rise of the internet came platforms like YouTube, Tiktok, and Instagram that allowed everyone to enjoy diversified content. 

Now, with the advent of blockchain technology, we’re finally at a stage where fans and creators can be on level playing fields. Fans can choose their stars and stars can be one step closer to actively interacting with their fans. Working towards this very goal is the MiraQle Project. 

MiraQle Project envisions the decentralization of the entertainment sphere, especially the music industry to create a fan-centric ecosystem.

It claims to consist of a collection of innovative platforms dubbed FanPick, DreamX, MusicQ, and EnterPlus that handle the planning, production, distribution, and consumption of content. 

Fans can participate directly in the planning stage such as the album concept and collaboration artists by voting on FanPick.

Once selected, their results will be produced into an album through the DreamX project. MiraQle has partnered with global partners like Tencent Music Entertainment and 7SIX9 Entertainment to produce groundbreaking music collaborations.

Fans will not only realize their dream album but also will have the opportunity to purchase their favorite artists’ NFT (Non-Fungible Token) artworks and merchandise.

These celebrity goods along with concert tickets will be purchasable through the EnterPlus app. Lastly, a social music service app called ‘MusicQ’ is a mixture of music streaming and social networking app. It encourages playlist sharing and the active engagement of artists and fans.

Through these four platforms of the MiraQle project ecosystem, fans can change the market dynamics of the entertainment sphere and become the center of the industry.

Why the NFT Showcase? 

Featuring various NFTs from across the globe, MiraQle’s recent NFT showcase was a good point of departure to introduce this project to a wider population out there.

Through showcasing some amazing limited-edition artworks and bringing in industry leaders like Randi Zuckerberg, MiraQle might have managed to garner just the right kind of attention to propel its further growth.