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Meet Edo, the self-taught digital pop artist who will blow your mind

The world around us is an infinite source of knowledge. Tons of people allow that knowledge to slip out of their hands. Can you grasp it?

Maybe, but even if you did, what would you do with that infinite source of knowledge? Waste it or use it to your best potential?

Self-taught digital pop artist, Eddie Santana White, a.k.a. Edo is grabbing the world’s vast knowledge by the horns and applying it to his artistry. Edo started creating art at a young age but truly fell in love with it at 19.

Since then Edo has “never looked back.”

Almost a decade later at the age of 27, Edo has featured his work in the Hyatt International Corporation Business Diversity event twice in 2016.

To add, Pancakes & Booze featured his work in their show and Edo recently just had an exhibition in Harlem, NY called the “INFINITE STATE OF MIND.” The exhibition took place at the RAW SPACE gallery and displayed a year’s worth of his work. “INFINITE STATE OF MIND” is a part of a bigger two-year campaign, “Infinite Inception.”

Edo worked hard to make it into the Harlem gallery. Homie flew in from southside Chicago. It’s an unreal feeling for Edo’s art to make it into NYC, the mecca of culture. His focus truly proves that a focused energy emitted into the world “comes back 10 fold.”

Truly, an inspirational exhibit, Edo’s works bore dreamy titles that were to be read like a poem.

“The pain that leaves me. The list of things to do before I die. The blessings I’m allowed to see. The life I see beyond the sky. The fiend that loves me. The ex that hates me. The thoughts that free me. The life that awaits me. “

Edo’s “The List of Things to Do Before I Die ….”

And “The Life I See Beyond The Sky”

Trippy and mesmerizing. Edo creates a puzzle with a bunch of tiny images to create an even bigger picture. Each symbol and image evokes a certain emotion, “from pain to joy.”

Edo looks to make a connection with each viewer as every one of his pieces speaks to something he has dealt with. His art is an escape into a free world.

This is the reason why Edo creates, he can say whatever he’s feeling. What enables you to create? Edo told Kulture Hub,

“Art has always been my escape. I can say whatever I’m feeling. That, to me, is one of the reasons I still create. It’s freedom!”

Like all creations, Edo’s start with an idea. He allows his emotions to take control as he jots down a rough idea onto a pen pad or scribbles a drawing onto a piece of paper.

He relates his idea to a subject matter that represents his emotion and combines both to bring something unusual to the eye into existence.

Each individual section is then taken into consideration, carefully constructed to make every inch of his masterpiece a different degree of uniqueness.

Edo took Obama and turned him inside out …

Made a nostalgic  Travis Scott…

Because you really can’t survive the rodeo | Travis Scott X Edo | ➕➕

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An intergalactic Bathing Ape…

Because the posters will also come in black | BAPE X EDO | INFINITE ➕➕

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The inception of Michael Jordan

And an inspirational Jean-Michel Basquiat

Edo doesn’t only create these fascinating pieces either. The Chitown artist is also a clothing designer.

He has worked with some of Chicago’s dopest urban clothing brands. Leaders 1354, Joe Fresh Goods, Treated Crew, and Fat Tiger are just the tip of the iceberg.

Edo’s work with Emperion Clothing is impressive

With Leader 1354 … 

Homie even has some custom AF1s on display…

Chicago is a haven of new, fresh culture. Edo’s upbringing in the Chi definitely had an influence on his craftsmanship. Although he’s not big on the art scene there it taught him a new form of focus. He was able to create his own lane.

He doesn’t want his style to mimic anyone else’s. Edo said,

“Honestly, im not as big on the art scene in Chicago. I know of a few artists but I try to stay in my own lane and not focus on anybody else. Only because I don’t want anyone saying my style is like someone else’s. But, as far what I see in Chicago its super fresh. The graffiti scene is really fresh. I was more affected by artists outside of Chicago though. Keith Haring, Kaws, Ron English, and Matt Groening.”

Edo is a saint for real. When he has free time he mentors young men, teaching them basic graphic design. He pulls up to local high schools and churches. He feels that providing opportunities to those who want to create is a very important part of his passion.

Because you’ll live forever my g | #TIMBUCK2FOREVER | Infinite ➕➕

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Opening a technologically-advanced art school that helps inner-city youths is a big goal of his. His message for the youth dem,


Don’t ever hold back, the sky is the limit, little homies. As Edo would say “To the Infinite.”