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Mask off: How designer Sara Rose got hers the ski mask way

Don’t get scared!

The Gucci facemask is for fashion. And the custom Louis Vuitton AK-47 prop gun made out of a vintage LV bag; that’s just for ‘show’ as well.

It’s a “badass” and “boujee” operation for Sara Rose, creating facemasks and other fashionable accessories from vintage high fashion pieces. The tattooed covered Rose is blending the vintage aesthetic with an upgraded wild-style.

Wild Wild West

Raised all over Southern California, spending time in Vegas and Miami, Sara Rose doesn’t “see [herself] ever leaving LA now.”

Finally settled, she started making music, where she would sing in a soft voice in contrast to hardcore explicit lyrics as an extension of her personality.

Juxtapose that to her designs of high-end recyclables, creating bandannas, ski masks and other masks, her music video for “Goochie Power” can be seen as a promo for her custom designs.

The pink Gucci mask styled in all pink, Sara and her glam-gang look as if they’re up to no good.

Mask On

An avid accessory shopper, buying up luxury scarfs, belts, and bags, she originally got a response from an Instagram post, wearing a Gucci scarf around her face, revealing her eyes. The response was enough to inspire her to make custom facemasks and other accessories.

Uniquely, Sara chose to make them out of luxury accessories; “the idea kind-of just sprung up in my mind; like, I should cut and sew authentic designer scarves and purses and make masks and custom pieces out of it – ‘cause I’ve never seen that done before.” she recalls her thoughts following the Instagram response.

What That Bag Do


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Kids, don’t try this at home… . . . #louisvuitton #custom #rifle

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She is a true designer, making what she wants to see in the world. Ironically, Sara first made the replica LV AK-47 prop rifle made out of a vintage Louis Vuitton bag, which she posted on Instagram and sold the same night.

“I knew from then on that I could make good money doing custom authentic designer pieces. So, I quit music to do [it] full time and just started dropping a bunch of masks back to back.”

By making an effort to reach out to celebs, high profile influencers and other music artists on Instagram, and getting them to wear her designs, she grew a following for her brand and profile.

She would offer up the rendered purses, belts and scarfs as gifts to those she wanted to see in her costume designs as an exchange for promotion on the social media platform.

Organically marketing her brand as she began to expand, she would style them in her designs and she made sure a picture was taken – so, you know, it really happened.

Mask Off

Photo cred: @outherevisuals

“I couldn’t find anything on the internet of anyone that had a collection, sold [authentic] custom facemasks or used designer fabrics. So, I was really excited about that – I wanted to hurry up and start my business right away!”

Now, Sara Rose is focused on building out her brand and preemptively preparing to collaborate with the biggest brands in the world.

She loves to inspire and values the times when she would create for the love of it, as she still does, but the hard work and dedication have allowed her to become prosperous in her hustle.

She has recognized her failures, has learned from them; and has created much more than a mask.

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