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Long Island artist Maui ARN is diving into the mainstream head first

You can rest assure that Long Island-based artist Maui ARN is making his own waves, preferably jumping into ear-streams worldwide. Given his authenticity and the borough he’s surrounded by, Maui Arn makes sure to deliver this key element into his sound.

Without delay, the artist can tap into his melodic flow to smooth-cruise over an R&B-inspired beat or bounce vigorously over heavy-hitting hip-hop ones. However, every technicality is depicted by his headspace, beat deliverance, and energy.


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Adding on, ARN says “I like to create fun music. Whether I’m rapping, singing or exploring world sounds like Afrobeat, it’s a vibe for everyone.”

Though ARN has bounced from coast-to-coast and picked up foreign threads and whips along the way, he makes sure to familiarize himself with how he feels, and this often transfers into his lyrics.  Thus making music his sole outlet.

Between the lines, ARN speaks about love, Kodak moments, flex-worthy instances, his strong character, ignorance and being an individual who loves hard. ARN also remains true to himself all the while telling others to do the same,

“I want to inspire people to fulfill their potential, and pursue the things that make them happy.”

No matter the occasion, ARN’s music is always a vibe. It’s the kind that makes you feel good about any topic at hand.

ARN’s music journey began back when MP3s and PSPs launched. Roughly, he was 8-years-old. During that time, his family would travel overseas almost every summer and winter.


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While ARN was on these trips he’d constantly get into trouble for having his headphones in, staying up all night or playing music from those countries or the same track over and over again.

Then high school came, and ARN found himself recording tracks.

His moniker derives from Maui Nation, with friends OTHERPRO (producer), Dapperdon E (rapper), Flee Capo (rapper), and S-Clive (rapper), and other artists, producers, and creatives.

“ARN” is short for Aaron. According to the musician, he used to be heavy set and ended up losing weight. His siblings often told him that he looked more like an Aaron. And so, he ran with it.

When creating music, ARN locks in. He added,

“Most of the time I’m writing music in complete solitude. I have a strong work ethic, so I’m constantly hitting the studio to record vocals of everything I jot down.”

Music essentially serves as his therapy and he commends how raw his music is. Regardless of what he’s speaking about or the song’s beat, ARN’s sound can fit any setting.

For the most part, ARN is influenced by the music and culture of hip-hop. He admires the innovation of artists like Young Thug, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Future, Johnny Cinco and Travis Scott.

Case in point, ARN would collaborate with A Boogie With The Hoodie, if given the chance. To date, ARN enjoyed performing at SXSW solely because he was in a mansion party and he had the place going crazy.

To summarize, the vibes made him want to keep doing music. However, this isn’t ARN’s only exhilarating time on stage. He’s also opened concerts for national rap artists such as Young M.A, Trae The Truth, and PNB Rock.

Further explaining his artistry, ARN’s “Dom Perignon (Golden State)” uses a xylophone riff to lead its playful backdrop. Over a thriving 808, ARN uses a melodic, bouncy flow to speak about how he’s only going up from here.

ARN even says in the chorus,  got bands stacking up to my knees, so I’m really thinking how much do you mean to me? My energies out of your reach.” If we’re being honest he’s all about more commas and fewer friends.

Additionally, ARN reflects briefly on a time when finances weren’t adding up. Given that the love for money is the root of all evil, ARN drops a gem for everyone, “Now the lick will get you split.”

Some will switch up on you all because they want a dollar for their dream. As the track moves forward, ARN speaks about keeping his eye on the prize. Since he’s an individual who does things with great love, the artist makes sure that his loved ones are also taken care of.

This line says, “She said Maui don’t treat me like I’m a thot/I just do this for you cause you mean a lot.” Another notable line from “Dom Perignon (Golden State)”  is “before checks, I was feeling the Nike box,” which essentially shows that ARN makes rational investments.

Moreso, he’s wiser and focused than ever. Towards the end, “Dom Perignon (Golden State)” dies down and the xylophone, effortlessly, gets stuck into the cerebral cortex. To create the song all he had to do was relive unforgettable nights and experiences.


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Behind the flashing lights, ARN makes a smooth, melodic delivery in “Feelings Attached” to say that he’ll ride for you at all costs. After all, ARN is a firm believer in passing love forward.

Matching the energy of ARN and the faint 808’s, both ARN and Dapperdon put their all into the lyrics and chasing a bag. Off the bat, one line gives proof as to why, “with me, she transforms like Voltron” and although she envisions a future together, the artists do not.

Honestly, they’re concerned with building an empire so everyone they care for can eat. Besides this, “Feelings Attached” contains witty punchlines and a fast, bouncy flow amid speaking about how money just won’t win this queen over.

In a singsong approach, they say “you gon’ need more than racks cause mama got feelings attached.” It’s safe to say that “Feelings Attached” is, as ARN said, a true story you’ll hear or see eventually.

If the man she’s with just won’t do right, they will. Then she’ll be left with feelings of admiration and yearning. “Feelings Attached” comes heavy with a nostalgic feel and spacey synths.

His recent song, “Fashion Nova EDM Infusion (Remix)” carries a pleasant minimalistic feeling that keeps the energy soaring. Listening in, you’ll find that the minute mark closely resembles Vince Staple’s “Big Fish.”

Aside from this, “Fashion Nova EDM Infusion (Remix)” carries beautiful percussions, different flips on the soundscape, and melodic hooks that fit well with the song’s build-up. Some might also appreciate the baseline because it helps “Fashion Nova EDM Infusion (Remix)” with its tropical-like approach.

In terms of the song, Maui ARN says “When I thought of creating “Fashion Nova EDM Infusion (Remix)” I wanted to encourage ladies to rock their Fashion Nova pieces as if they were on a Fashion Nova runway. I think I accomplished that pretty well with the help of King Sin. He amped the production and gave it more of that vibe.”

I assure you by the time this song is finished you’ll have it stuck in your head for hours on end. Maui ARN’s favorite line from the song just so happens to be this: “Had a few in my day, who thought my closet was they sh*t”.

He adds, “I had so much drip leave my house, they know exactly who they are too. I ain’t mad though, cause I know what’s fly. I know how to put fits together.”

Ultimately, “Fashion Nova EDM Infusion (Remix)” is ARN expressing his love and admiration towards fashion. Maui ARN says “I believe Fashion Nova has made their mark on this generation.”


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