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LaKeith Stanfield’s substance scare reminds us of everyone’s mental health

LaKeith Stanfield scared much of his fans, followers, and loved ones last night when he posted four cryptic posts on Instagram pointing to self-harm and substance abuse.

The 28-year-old rising superstar has since declared that he is safe, calming worries and allowing his supporters to breathe a sigh of relief.


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I’m ok everyone I apologize for making you worry.

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Still, the concern was well-warranted, and with the rest of his posts deleted, the four scary posts on Stanfield’s were even more alarming and gave much of his supporters (and surely close loved ones) a pang of fear.

Stanfield has made keenly insightful and cynical posts before, but never has posted something indicating self-harm. For people who care about Stanfield and the wellbeing of all humans, last night was a scary time.

It is a haunting realization understanding how celebrities are often not treated with dignity, compassion and love. No matter a person’s prestige or fame, the people close to them must still treat them like a vulnerable human.

One can’t worry about public perception or blowing up someone’s spot when real danger is a possibility. Stanfield’s scary posts underscore a terrifying truth: everyone struggles, and could be on the brink of a major mistake. Check up on your loved ones.

Mental health must be treated right now with the utmost care and prominence. So much is happening all around us, mostly negative and defeating, and one truly never knows what another person is dealing with. Lead with kindness. With compassion.

We can build each other up in ways we never even knew.

While being widely recognized for his role in Get Out, Stanfield showed off his vast repertoire in front of the lens last year with Knives Out and Uncut Gems. The emotion Stanfield can capture in his eyes and face truly make him one of Hollywood’s most rapidly rising stars.

And Stanfield seems to always choose unique and distinct roles. Everything he touches has been gold, and he has shown his prowess across so many different characters.

No one’s humanity should come down to their talent, but it is certainly worth noting how it is often the most brilliant and talented people that are battling the deepest demons. We are all aware of this sadness.

LaKeith, we are hoping you are okay and receiving the love and support you need right now.

And anyone else reading this: we hope you see how you are loved and appreciated.

These are undoubtedly dark times, domestically, and globally. If not you, maybe a close loved one is going through something they haven’t been able to share.

We can all check up on our loved ones and show that we too are vulnerable and imperfect. We all cry sometimes. Gasp for air sometimes. Question ourselves sometimes.

The beauty is in humanity, and the partnerships and relationships we build. Stay safe everyone.