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Karma is a bitch: Gun Girl gets kicked out of Bernie Sanders town hall in Ohio

This past weekend, the conservative shock-value journalist, Kaitlin Bennett, — otherwise known as ‘Kent State Gun Girl’ — was escorted out of a Bernie Sanders town hall before it even started.

When Bennett asked why she couldn’t stay and watch, the official said that it was “invite only.” “No, it’s public,” Bennett responded. “On his website it says public.”

The event has since been taken off the Sanders’ “Hear the Bern” Facebook page, but the local station, Fox 8 Cleveland, reported that it was free and open to the public. Entrance to the town hall was provided on a first come, first served basis, according to Fox 8.

“This is an event that we paid for. This is an event — we bought this space,” the campaign official explained to a protesting Bennett in the video. “I’m going to ask you one more time,” he said, before threatening to turn the matter over to security.

“Can someone tell me what I did?” Bennett asked as she was being escorted out of the building. “I need to know what rules I violated.”

In response, the officers told her that it was a private event thus making it private property and Kaitlin wasn’t amused.

“So what we just saw was Bernie Sanders’ campaign discriminated against a certain journalist. Those people recognized me,” she said. “I am a woman journalist and I got ejected from a Bernie Sanders town hall event. I’m not allowed to report on it, I’m not even allowed to listen to Bernie.”

Gun Girl got her name for carrying around a semiautomatic weapon. Her savagery followed the shooting and killing of four unarmed students on her campus of Kent State a couple of years ago, so she’s probably right.

Instead of advocating for a ban on semiautomated weapons and stock guns, she started the hashtag #CampusCarryNow. Now Kaitlin is the grassroots director of Liberty Hangout and has written for the political tabloid Infowars.

Bernie and his team may not have been right in handling the Gun Girl situation, especially if it was advertised to the public. Still, she knew she wasn’t there in good faith. Additionally, something had to be done for this antagonizer of peaceful spaces.

To say that today’s politics are divisive would be an understatement. Especially, how both sides of the aisle have shaken out since 45 assumed office.

While we’re undoubtedly living in the most progressive social state ever, the instantaneous information and the unmitigated confidence the internet has given us has brought forth the ugliest from all sides.

The Southern Poverty Law Center reports a dramatic increase in the number of white nationalist groups in the U.S., from 100 chapters in 2017 to 148 in 2018.

Also, the Anti-Defamation League reports a 182 percent increase in incidents of the distribution of white supremacist propaganda, and an increase in the number of rallies and demonstrations by white supremacy groups, from 76 in 2017 to 91 in 2018.

America is not as divided as it was during slavery, but now we’re aware the hate hasn’t left and, more importantly, where it’s hidden.

Kent State girl is just a manifestation of this.

Whether or not she has a case against the town of Ohio or if she’s taking action is unknown but I think it’s safe to say she got exactly what she wanted.