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Justin Bieber is human after all, gets curved by girl on Instagram DM

We all want to believe that with money we can bag anyone we want, I mean look at Jay-Z and Beyonce, or Macaulay Culkin and Mila Kunis.

Like, how did that ever happen? But hey, it’s not always about looks. Unfortunately the whole money thing might not be so true though as Justin Bieber got rejected.

Yes, Justin Bieber the dude who has been making millions of dollars since he was 13, got denied by a girl. The woman that denied him is a fitness trainer in Georgia that was seen on on @fitnessonbroughton.

She was advertising some purple energy drink while doing a little dance that I guess Biebs liked so he slid into the DMs.

Now you’re probably wondering “why would she deny someone like Bieber?”

Well that’s because she already has a man. This was her response to her own tweet:

Y’all people be posting bae goals but this girl curved a millionaire for her mans. That’s goals.

Of course the “Beliebers” are trying to defend Justin in saying he only asked who she was but let’s be real we know what he wanted.

That’s like sending an eggplant emoji and saying you’re talking about an actual eggplant.

Hopefully Bieber can go to his church soon and find some guidance but hey, we all face rejection bro.