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Joe Rogan finds out about Supreme, goes off on kids that ‘don’t go outside’

Joe Rogan, stand-up comedian, UFC personality, weed advocate, and notable hunter, recently discovered Supreme on his podcast and it turned into a whole rant against the younger generation and their video games.

In a conversation with Joey ‘CoCo’ Diaz, Rogan started by railing against iPhones and the wild hype caused by the release of the iPhone X. Then Rogan’s producer brought up Supreme.

“What is Supreme?” Rogan asks as he’s filled in, “And people wait in line for bricks?”

Indeed they do.

Rogan then claimed this is what happens when an entire generation of kids does’t go outside,

“Fuckin’ kids today. This is what happens when kids don’t go outside, they don’t play, the don’t play sports. They stay at home, they just play video games.”

Diaz chimed in that if only these kids smoked weed, they’d see that waiting in line for bricks and fire extinguishers is pretty dumb,

“It’s Nancy Reagan’s fault with the ‘Just Say No’, if these kids smoked dope they’d see life for what it is.”

Rogan and Diaz were specifically shocked by Supreme’s non-clothing items like the brick, fire extinguisher, and crowbar. To be fair, if someone (an older person) had never heard of Supreme, the phenomenon of kids waiting in line to get their hands on Supreme merch may come as a bit of a shock.

But Rogan and Diaz took it as an opportunity to say that people never used to wait in lines and that the new generations wait in lines more… or something?

Waiting in line for hours, if not days, for anything is generally dumb. But if that’s what you want to do with your limited time on this earth, who am I to stop you? Joe Rogan is usually pretty spot on with his analysis of pop culture, but miss me with the whole ‘this fuckin’ generation just stays inside playing video games’ thing.

Keep copping them box logos, kids.