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Is Microsoft the new wave for women to body the NFT space?

Microsoft is opening up the NFT lane for women. After what seemed like an eternity of divisiveness, unity within communities is starting to take shape in our country.

With that, companies are beginning to implement their plans for inclusiveness and take steps to create equal opportunities for all people.

Microsoft’s Early Impact in NFT Space

Microsoft is an early player within the NFT space. They first teamed up with Enjin to create blockchain-powered badge rewards in 2019. This time Microsoft and Enjin are both teaming up with Minecraft to create more opportunities for women in the NFT crypto arena. 

The new world looks sleek, crisp and multicolored

During the Minecraft quest, users will participate via an open-source plugin to acquire non-fungible tokens. The quest and sequel quest mission see the user encounter multiple women scientists and tokenized certificates along the way.

Did you know? The USAID estimates that if the same number of women worked as men did, global GDP would grow by $12 trillion by 2025.

Microsoft Incorporates Hybrid Model

This gaming initiative is just one of many endeavors that Microsoft has begun to put into motion. Since the pandemic, Microsoft has made it a priority to redefine the workspace. This recalibration of the nation allowed Microsoft to adopt a true hybrid work model.

women hybrid workplace
Two women have a pow-wow about updated means of media

“With our hybrid workplace model, we will provide employees an exceptional place to work, create greater collaboration and community for over 160,000 people who work at Microsoft, and showcase an example of the modern workplace that is both flexible and hybrid.”

(Microsoft Executive VP Kurt DelBene)
hybrid workplace
Microsoft’s Stages of the Hybrid Workplace

With all of the evolving technology, shifting paradigms, and demand for equal representation, Microsoft has risen to the occasion. 

“The modern workplace requires companies to meet new employee expectations, connect a more distributed workforce, and provide tools to create, innovate and work together to solve business problems.”


Some other ventures that Microsoft has instituted within its realm deal with Global Diversity, Inclusion and modest gains within the workplace.

They have programs catered to women such as DigiGirlz and TEALS where young people can compete to create the best enterprise software and deep tech solutions.

micorsoft women
Woman shows her son new technology advances

It is clear that Microsoft is making an effort to engage the ecosystem and create a pathway that bridges the gender gap in technology. Ways that they are doing this is by expressing empathy, amplifying voices within the space and developing a commitment to action plan. 

Microsoft goes beyond what meets the expectation

Recently, their Clear Vision Impact Fund generated $25M for minority-owned businesses. They continue to work with HBCU’s to advance minority interest in engineering.

Since there is severe underrepresentation in the technology sphere, Microsoft is doing its best to increase the gateway by which people can become professionals.

women technology
Women are beginning to inhabit more technological roles

As a company, they are fulfilling technological curiosity through skills support and capacity-building programs like I.C. Stars. There are many interpretations toward a broader society which is why they came up with the Allyship initiative

Altogether, Microsoft is a strategic catalyst for true cultural transformation, especially for women. Through insights, conversations, failures, and learning this company does an honorable job iterating for the new world and representing the people who live in it.