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Inside the mind of Euphoric Supply, the creative making art hella nostalgic

When we first came across Euphoric Supply’s page we were quite stunned. Who could be this clever to make a holographic tradeable card of A$AP Rocky or put Playboi Carti’s Die Lit album cover onto an N64 cartridge?

Only one artist, 23-year-old Julian Armstrong. Known as @euphoricsupply on the gram the young artist has garnered 100K plus followers for his nostalgic perspective on all things collectible.


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Who wants to play? All programming by @itsyairo ! Cartridge and video by me✨

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You’ve definitely seen his toys before. He first grabbed the attention of A$AP Rocky after he took a chance and made sure that he turned on his post notifications. In an interview with Complex, Armstrong explained that after patiently waiting for Rocky’s latest post, the eager creative followed up with a comment that read ‘Please go look at the Testing doll I made.’

This is the tenacity we’re talking about. Mans went above and beyond to ensure that the Harlem rock star saw what he had in his creative chamber. He was ready. Even after commenters threw shade in an attempt to dissuade @euphoricsupply, a member from Rocky’s team ended up reaching out to make not one but 100 dolls.

‘You really think a 30-year-old guy from Harlem is going to care about your stupid toy?’


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Lowkey, we’ve been watching you, Julian. Your creative spin on collectibles, we’ve grown to love even more over time, is something we really appreciate. The fact that you first started out as a clothing brand and made the switch up to focus on rare collectibles just goes to show how versatile and innovative you truly are.

It made us proud to see you make your story known on a huge platform like Complex and up your reach. Those are the skills we look to push forward throughout our community. These are the skills creatives need to learn in order to excel.

The fact is that you never know, kulture fam… You never know when that moment will come where you’ll get your time to shine. Still, the most important thing for you to remember — keep grinding.

Peep the flex and come up:

“Originally this was supposed to be a clothing brand. I ended up starting this brand right after I got out of high school. I think I had $250 from my financial aid from college, and I used that to buy T-shirts. I got a few sharpies, drew on T-shirts, and then I started trying to sell them.”


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it’s a really simple design but I’m pretty excited to make this one a shirt…

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The self-taught designer has made strides to creatively line up with what he wants to accomplish. He met Rocky and the A$AP Mob and got a giant Pokémon card dedicated to the ‘Lil Boat‘ in the hands of Yachty for his birthday.

Now, with toy dolls dedicated to Tyler the Creator’s alter ego Igor, holographic pieces made in honor of Travis Scott’s “Sicko Mode,” and LEGO inspired designs of Playboi Carti’s Die Lit tape there’s no telling who Julian will cross paths with next.

In an interview with Complex, @euphoricsupply described how getting his McLaren Hot Wheels toy in the hands of the Creator up’d his standard.

“I think I sold 200 of those little toys that day. It ended up taking us a month to get them done. That’s what really brought me up to a higher standard.”

Under the stress of the demand for his funky collectibles, Julain can now flex around 60 items within a single day. Talk about pushing yourself to the maximum.

If you’re looking to cop some treasures out of Euphoric Julian’s Supply, don’t be shook. Be aware and make sure you know when the younging is gunna drop some flyness.

He does limited drops every now and then. Plus, his stock does run out fast since everything is custom made by him. Hopefully, we’ll see his stuff in stores one day because Julian has dreams to work with Virgil Abloh in the near future.

He told Complex:

“I’m actually trying to reach out to Virgil Abloh… I’ve had this little list of ideas that I want to send to him, but I want him to talk to me personally first. I really want to work with him because I think we could both bring value to making something great.”

Better get to collecting, fam, because this young artist is on his way to the bag.

You know we had to add the Kid Cudi holographic Pokemon card to the stash


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I still remember buying this album on iTunes and listening to it on my iPod Nano everyday at the skatepark… here’s to @kidcudi ✨

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