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In honor of the LeBron-Wade reunion, here’s their top 10 plays in Miami

After three long years, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are finally back together.

Back in Miami they were the greatest duo in basketball but will they be able to keep that same thing going in Cleveland? They’re both older and Wade is definitely on the decline but maybe playing with LeBron again is all he needs.

The real question is will there be as many alley-oops?

LeBron was too hype when his old friend signed and the two are already chilling.

“Cheers, brother” 🍷 #reunited (via @dwyanewade)

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Of course this was all part of their plan since LeBron left.

This was part of their plan all along. Who knows what’s gonna happen next season, will they try to bring their other buddies CP3 and Hoodie Melo into the mix?

It’s a good thing Wade only signed a one-year deal just in case LeBron dips to the Lakers. If the Cavs end up sucking somehow, then that’s probably what’s gonna happen.

But forget all that, in honor of their reunion, here are their top 10 plays together from the good old Miami days. Enjoy!

10. The no look fast break pass to LeBron for the jam vs. the Bucks

9. LeBron to Wade alley vs. the Knicks

8. The fadeaway alley to D-Wade vs. the Mavs

7. These 2 alleys to LeBron vs. the Wizards

6. This fastbreak in a preseason game vs. the Pelicans

5. This stupid reverse alley to LeBron vs. the Kings

4. LeBron’s alley-oop over John Lucas and the Bulls

3. D-Wade’s full court pass to Bron for the swaggy layup vs. the Pacers

2. The disrespectful no look alley-oop to LeBron vs. the Pelicans

1. The Christmas Day alley-oop to Bron vs. the Lakers