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How These 3 Shows Have Impacted Society (According to Google Trends)

Google Trends is helping us better understand the way in which the world consumes TV shows which have changed significantly in recent years.

While not long ago, people would always be waiting around each week for a new episode to drop, the rise of streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video makes it possible to binge-watch a series’ entire season in a day.

Due to how the world changed in 2020, with people staying in their homes more than ever, it should be no surprise that streaming numbers are higher than ever. According to Covina, the overall viewing time for streaming video content has increased by 57% globally since 2019.

So the world is sat on its couch and watching a large amount of content. Yet beyond investing time into storylines and characters, how does the consumption of shows affect you and society in general? Does it affect what you eat? How you dress? Your music tastes?

This article will help to provide an answer. Using Google search trends and statistical research conducted by Betway Casino, below are three shows that have impacted society in some way.

Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris (Trailer)

Even if you’ve never heard of the show before, it is easy to decipher the type of trends provided by Emily in Paris. One of the big ones is fashion. “Bucket hat” searches jumped up by 342% following the release of the show, for example – and this has been a similar story for other fashion items featured in the series.

The interest in the French capital itself as a travel destination has also grown significantly. Searches for “Paris” increased 43% after the series launched on Netflix. It has also led to the creation of an Emily in Paris tour, which explores various locations that were showcased in the show.

The Crown

the crown tv show
The crown Poster (Netflix)

A show about the British royal family may not seem like the most obvious place for fashion inspiration. However, searches for certain common clothing pieces have increased due to The Crown. “Blue suit”, “bow collar”, and “turtleneck” have improved by 1%, 2.9%, and 7%, respectively.

As you would expect, global interest in the royal family has also gone up exponentially. Google searches for “Queen Elizabeth II” go up by an average of 433% for each season release.

Plus, following the launch of season four in November, searches for “Prince Charles” and “Princess Diana” skyrocketed by 1425% and 1566%, respectively.

The Queen’s Gambit

queens gambit google trends
Anya Taylor-Joy stars in The Queen’s Gambit. (Netflix)

Who knew a series based around chess could be so accessible and mainstream? That is what The Queen’s Gambit has managed to achieve, and it has helped to play a small role in molding today’s society.

This has been due to a marked upturn in interest in chess. The word “chess” gained an 88% increase in search volume after the premiere of The Queen’s Gambit. In addition, it has resulted in chess becoming a lot trendier to play in recent times. This is evidenced by the 500% increase in the number of players found on