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How Nipsey Hussle became the new voice of the West Coast

While standing in line at Zia Records in Phoenix, Arizona, I knew this moment was going to be special because I was meeting one of hip-hop’s greatest mentors, artists, and moguls — Nipsey Hussle — the man who is teaching an entire generation how to be your own boss, reinvest, and stay true to who you are.

As the line was approaching Tha Great, he called out to some of his homies in the back whom security was trying to cut off. One of the gentlemen was the guy who Nip sold a ’85 Cutlass Supreme to, helping spark Hussle’s music career.

This was a beautiful moment. To witness two friends who came from nothing, reunite and celebrate this special moment. From signing a deal with Epic Records, to forming his own record label, All Money In, it’s all coming full-circle for the 32-year-old emcee. Neighborhood Nip’s first studio album of his career, Victory Lap, is born to the world.

Ladies and gentleman, hustlers and grinders, dreamers and revolutionaries alike, Nipsey Hussle is asking us to come together as one. Victory Lap is a time for reflection.

Look how far you’ve come. The late nights and early mornings you’ve spent dedicating your blood, sweat and tears to your dream is starting to finally pay off.

People who have doubted you are starting to realize your greatness. The same greatness that you knew was in you all along. In the moment when you faced fear, you remained solid and overcame everything.

You were prepared for the opportunity and when it arose, you seized it. Your vision is coming to fruition. Nipsey Hussle told us on Mailbox Money, “Opportunity plus preparation they meet, it’s nice,” and it still reigns true. That is why we love and appreciate Nip. His music is just too real.

From the jump Nipsey Hussle has remained true to this game. Always representing Crenshaw and Slauson Ave., Nip has become the voice of the Los Angeles streets.

Nipsey Hussle’s ability to paint a vivid picture through his words allows listeners to connect with him on a deeper level. Fans who bump Nip feel his pain, aggression, happiness, and business acumen all in one. 

When you listen to his music, it just makes you want to get off your ass and be somebody.

Hussle’s music makes you reevaluate your own life. It makes you question if you are on the right path. Nip’s story of overcoming the streets, but still giving back to the same streets he’s seen death and destruction on is nothing short of inspiring. It leaves no room for excuses to ever not chase your dream.

The message Neigborhood Nip is giving us is simple — if you believe in yourself with everything you have, be vulnerable, and never quit, your dreams will manifest in divine order.

As we continue on our own marathons of life, let’s celebrate Nip’s Victory Lap together. Be sure to listen as it’s streaming on all platforms.

Peep the video above to see how he made it all happen his way. #VictoryLap.